Americans love dessert, and we love one dessert especially: ice cream. In fact, the U.S. loves ice cream so much that a full 90% of households regularly indulge in the sweet, frozen treat.

However, regular indulgence can make ice cream a little boring, especially if you don’t switch up your sundae toppings from time to time. If you’re ready to fall in love with ice cream all over again, use the following tips to take your sundaes to the next level.

Change Up The Container

If you’ve been eating ice cream out of cereal bowls (or straight out of the carton) exclusively, you’ve been doing it wrong. For a whole new ice cream experience, try buying or making your own edible ice cream bowls! Experiment with molding bowls out of melting chocolate that’s chilled in the freezer. You can also scoop out the core of an apple for a delicious and autumnal caramel sundae. Bowls can be made with pressed rice krispies treats, edible cookie dough, or brownies. The only limit to your sundae bowl is your flavor imagination!

Experiment with Unusual Flavors

Who said ice cream sundaes could only be sweet? Incorporate different tastes to surprise your palate at your next ice cream social. Try a savory breakfast maple bacon sundae, or a salty caramel and pretzel sundae. You can include sour flavors with lemon zest or sour candies. Even popcorn can add a buttery and crunchy twist to your favorite dessert.

If you’re feeling really brave, try a spicy sundae! In 2016, nearly 234 million Americans used Mexican food and ingredients. Why not take those hotter flavors from dinner to dessert? Try this recipe from Olivia’s Cuisine to spice up your sundae.

Try Warm and Cold Elements

Sometimes, the tastiest part of an ice cream sundae is the melty puddle of warmish ice cream at the very end. Why not ramp up your sundae’s melt factor by including warm ingredients? Fresh-baked brownies or a slice of pie are obviously delicious choices, but don’t limit your sundae creativity to baked goods. Grilled fruit, like pineapple and peaches, can be exciting and unusual warm sundae upgrades. You can even top your sundae with a fresh and hot crumbled pancake or home-toasted coconut for a warm and cool sensation.

While sticking to classic sundaes like hot fudge or banana splits is a great way to enjoy some nostalgic flavors, sundae-making can also be an adventure. Get creative and try different edible bowls, flavors, and temperatures to discover your new all-time favorite sundae!