Preparing to move?

We are in the process of purchasing a new house and are planning the stressful and time consuming task of packing and moving all of our stuff!!! I had no idea that Sears was so prepared to help me with my tasks! Check it out! This link has been a life saver! Lots of tips on getting supplies, getting organized, creating a budget, contacting services and shopping for needed appliances! Everything you need in one link!


Here are some services and articles I found within the link above!

Box Kits!

Check out these box kits, with tape that is already labeled!!!


 Tools and Tips

Great ideas to help along the way! Along with tips to find movers, storage, lodging, who to call for repairs, and cleaning services!

  • Budgeting for Your Move

    Budgeting for Your Move

    Moving costs add up quickly. Find ways to save money during this hefty undertaking with this amazing tip filled article!

  • Rules of Packing

    Check out the “Rules of Packing” article!

    Properly packed boxes prevent damaging your precious belongings and provide peace of mind.

  • Moving Timeline & Checklist

    Lots of great tips on moving timelines &  making checklist

    Moving to a new place is exciting, but can also be overwhelming. Check out this article that gives checklists and suggested timelines to keep your sanity! I know I need to PURGE, PURGE, PURGE and then ORGANIZE! Whew.

    Still feel lost? Shop Your Way Moving Advisor at your service!

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    And lastly, of course tips and tools to purchase new appliances or items for your new home!

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