In a world that is becoming ever more digitized, it makes sense that a copious amount of apps have been created to make our lives easier. This digitization seems to go hand in hand with a busier and more hectic lifestyle and schedule. If you sometimes find the daily grind a bit of a struggle and have not already become one with the app scene, then you may be surprised at what you can get. You will be able to increase your productivity at home and at work. You will, in essence, be able to live smarter. Here are a few apps that you get get to help manage a busy life:


Do you have an ever-expanding to-do list that never seems to be going anywhere? With Trello, you will be able to manage your tasks both professionally and personally. Trello gives you the functionality to customize boards and manage workflows and literally organize anything. You can use it as a desktop program as well as an app if you need that extra visibility. it’s great to use and does exactly what it says it does – organizing and coordinating your life and work.


This handy little app gives you the ability to save any articles from anyway and allows you to keep them safe in a file for future consumption. That goes for videos, apps, press releases, any story from any publication around the world. With Pocket, you will have a loaded page with all the interesting articles you haven’t had the time time to read earlier in the week or month. So, when you get that free hour, you can actually put it to good use. 


This is a great app that allows you to discover your location no matter where you are. There are actually many new up-and-coming apps in this vein that can be seen by looking at ip geolocation api. You can now use these apps to locate items that you have lost, such as your mobile phone or keys. This can be a great time saver device if you are in a hurry and canty find something.


If you need something to remind you to get a little more peace and calm in your life, then this could be the app for you. Do you need help improving the quality of your sleep or generally needing help with attaining that all-important self-improvement goal, then this app will help you? It is a mindfulness meditation app which so easy to use and a great tool for anyone who wants to meditate but lacks the ability to focus. This calming app will give you the guidance you need to reach that goal.


Another task management app, FreedCamp helps streamline projects, processes, workflows, and track time and issues. It’s built for teams, but as a homeschooler, I find it very useful in our household as well. You can use the desktop version or the app, which is chock full of features. Oh, and it’s free!


Do you need a little encouragement in creating those healthy meals? Well, MeaLime is a great app that does exactly that. All you have to do is choose your meals, and the app provides you wot fab recipes and organizes your grocery list, so you know exactly what to buy and in what proportions too. If health is something you need help with health apps are a great shout.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay