I really have been swamped with so much going on in my life right now, I should probably just take a few things off my plate, but I have a problem……… I just can’t stop doing things!  I think it is starting to affect my functioning lately and I could really use some time away from everything!  Of course then, I would be even more stressed about the things that weren’t getting done, instead of just relaxing.

Let me give you a few examples of how my week has started out:

Sunday:  I decide that I’m going to make a cheesecake AND let my kids help.  Normally this is no big deal, but when you are already stressed and over-extended, letting the kids help sometimes is not the best idea.  WHY you ask?

Well let’s just say that when my husband and I tried the cheesecake the next day it was abundantly clear that some sugar was left out, ok…ALL THE SUGAR WAS LEFT OUT!  I mean who forgets to put in the sugar???  Well apparently I do!  To be honest, it wasn’t horrible, especially if you sprinkles some sugar on top and sweetened it up a bit…..oh who am I kidding, it sucked!

Monday:  The day was going ok, made rice krispy bars with the kiddos, then bedtime rolls around and since this crabby mommy was in no mood for foolishness, I had to take some deep deep breaths and count to ten a few times to avoid some serious meltdowns.  Even my son asked, “Mommy why are you breathing like that?”  I told him the truth, “when mommy gets upset and frustrated, I just need to take some deep breaths to calm down otherwise I will yell, and mommy doesn’t want to yell.”  I also told him, “I think you should try this too when you get upset.”   He proceeded to imitate me 🙂

Tuesday:  Ok, this one takes the cake.  I got my kids out of bed, dressed, bundled up, and ready to head out the door.  I was ready to hop in the car and take my son to preschool and my daughter to daycare when the doorbell rings.  Scared the crap out of me really because I was standing right next to the doorbell thingy in the house.  I open the door and it is grandma (the kid’s not mine).  I am thinking, “what is she doing here right now, we need to get going or I’ll be late for work!”  Then it dawns on me.  It is Tuesday.  You see every Tuesday my mother-in-law comes down to our house to watch the kids and help us out since it is her day off.  Wow, totally spaced on that one, I was ready to hop in the car and leave with both kids in tow.  I guess good thing she showed up when she did.  And I guess it is better than forgetting a kid, LOL!

I am hoping the rest of the week goes better and I get over this case of hairbrainedness (yes a made up word!).

So here is a list of things I have going on right now, and I’m sure each of you has a list probably as long, but I’ve just been super stressed so I am going to share (in no particular order):

Grad School Classes and Internships

Full Time Job – Administrative Assistant

Part Time Teaching Job

Blogger (as many of you know it takes a lot of work)

Product Reviewer (which I blog about)

Zumba classes (twice a week)

Full Time Mom to two wonderful kids!!

Mystery Shopper (Occasionally… I have had to cut back due to everything else)

Santa – buying all gifts and now I have to find some time to wrap them(this will end soon!)

Wife (probably lacking in this area lately, need to step it up a little more)

Local Lioness Club Member (meetings once a month w/ projects in between like a bake sale I have to find time to make something for this weekend)


Sounding board (mostly for my friends and sister-in-law)

I’m sure there is more I’m forgetting knowing how great I’ve been at remembering things lately, but this is what I could think of off the top of my head right now.


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