Do you ever have that sensation?  You know, the one where you are sooooo excited/nervous/thrilled about something that you can just feel your heart beating rapidly and you get those little butterflies in your stomach.  I remember a few times when I’ve had this feeling and just about every one of them was a time when I have had some extremely awesome happen in my life.  I just wanted to share a few of them with you today since I’m in a much better mood than I was when I wrote my last post about jumping for joy just a couple of days ago.

One of the first times I remember having that feeling where you just can’t seem to catch your breath, your palms are sweaty, and your heart feels like it is going to beat out of your chest (other than having an anxiety attack, which is a completely different sensation) was the moment I realized I was pregnant with my son.  He was my first child, and to be honest even though we were trying to get pregnant, I didn’t think it would really happen so fast.  I really wasn’t quite sure if I was prepared.  But in the end I got this little bundle of joy:

Hard to believe this little guy is 5yrs old already!!  He is such a generous and loving young man, I am so lucky to have him in my life!

I had this same heart pounding sensation approximately 2 1/2 years later when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, however, this time I knew what being pregnant meant so a feeling of dread also swept over me very quickly.  You see, when I am pregnant I get extremely sick to my stomach throughout the entire pregnancy, and during this particular pregnancy I also ended up with a recurrent sinus infection for about 2/3 of the time, so it pretty much sucked twice as much.  In the end I got a sweet little baby girl out of it, so it was all worth it!  Isn’t she adorable:

Yes, she is probably crying in this picture.  I chose this picture for a reason, even though she is my adorable, precious, wonderful baby girl; this is pretty much what she was like from day one, lol.  Crying was the norm with this baby girl. 🙂   I can’t believe my baby is going to be 3 already next month!  Time sure flies; she is such a sweet girl and an awesome baby sister!

There have been a few other times when my heart has just leapt with joy, like that time I won the lottery (oh wait, that was a dream…never mind), and the time I thought I won a new car, but really I only won the chance to win a new car (hey, I was still excited!).  Most recently I felt the butterflies in my stomach and my heart beating a little faster when I found out I was going to be a brand ambassador for Verizon Wireless.  It may not seem like much, but I haven’t been blogging all that long and this was the first really major company I was going to work with so I was very excited, plus the fact that they contacted me (I didn’t seek them out) was a big deal for me!


Written by Jesica.

*NaBloPoMo stands for “National Blog Posting Month” and is a blogging challenge created by the team at BlogHer.  I am always looking for great ideas to write about, so taking this challenge on was a sure thing for me.  I hope I can keep it up each day….check back to see if I do and make sure to scold me if I miss a day!