I have some awesome ideas for new blog posts, and am really excited to share so many things with you, but a lot of what I have planned just feels like it needs its own place to call home.

I love The Mommy Bunch, but I have amazing ideas that don’t really fit well with the theme of what we are doing here, and I would like to focus some things on a specialty, or niche blog. 

So, recently I have been looking to expand into different types of websites, and branch myself out a little more. 

I have been browsing around online trying to find not only the perfect domain names, but also something that will fit into my budget as well. Since my budget is pretty limited, I needed to find web hosting and domains that are really, well….cheap.   

I have decided on the names of my new blogs, and was so happy to find some coupons to take 80% off the purchase price of the new domains!

That big of a discount is rare, and to find a coupon code that actually gave you the discount it promised was awesome.

I have already purchased one domain, and am debating on a few more. 

The one I purchased, my-pinspirations.com, is just waiting for me to set up a website and get it rockin’ and rollin’! As you can imagine, this site will be dedicated to all things pinterest!

Successes and failures alike, I will be showcasing all my creations.  I hope you will join me once I get everything up and running. Of course, designing and publishing a website does take a little time, so it may be a while before you actually see anything at that web address, but for now… I at least own the name. 🙂

For now you can follow me on pinterest here as I build my collection of pins that I hope to feature on my new site!Follow Me on Pinterest