Nursing Mama

As a working mama, I have spent quite a few days in the lactation lounge at work over the past few months. I guess I am fortunate that my place of employment offers such a space, as I know there are lots of places that don’t have something like this.

nursing lounge

One of the greatest things for me about this space is that it is not only private, but it is comfortable. With a couch, pillows, soft lighting, and everything a nursing mama could want in a space where she will be expressing milk.

When I’m in the comfort of my home, however, I get the joy of nursing my darling daughter and I love every minute of it. The closeness, the bonding, and the joy we both receive from being able to have that time together.

Lately though, I have been experiencing a little dryness and have been feeling a bit sore. I’ve been trying out the Nursing Mama Nipple Cream and it has been working wonderfully at keeping me moisturized, while still giving me peace of mind knowing that the ingredients are all natural and completely safe to use around baby. Anna Naturals provided me with a tub to try out and I’m so glad, it has been working wonderfully at combating any soreness as well as the dry skin.

The smell is great too, it smells like coconut, which I suppose comes from the coconut oil.

nursing mama 2

In addition to the nipple cream, I was sent some stretch mark scrub and foot scrub to try. While the stretch mark scrub didn’t fare very well in shipping, I was still able to give it a try. I love the smell of brown sugar, and this scrub smells just like you are ready to bake some cookies! I almost wanted to take a bite.

The oils in the jar can start to solidify a bit if it cools down enough, but they told me that was perfectly normal and I just had to give it a quick stir — which I did and I was back in business!

stretch mark scrub

I will say that the texture took a bit of getting used to because I’m not used to a scrub, I typically just use soaps and leave it at that, but overall it is a nice product. I haven’t had it long enough to say if I’ll get any noticeable results, but so far I like what I see.

The Coconut Rose Foot Scrub smelled great as well. I loved just opening the jar and inhaling the beautiful scents. Of course, with the limited amount of time I get to do things for myself, I didn’t really get to soak my feet as often as I think should be done (which if it were up to me would be every day, but my kids have other plans). 🙂

rose salt scrub

I did use the scrub a few times though and it was a nice treat. I will tell you that I’ve even found that it works great when detoxing your armpits — something I have been doing for the past few weeks!

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