Have you ever been somewhere and were unable to use your computer or tablet because you didn’t have wifi? 

I have.   It sucks!

Sure, loads of people have smartphones these days, but there is only so much you can do on a 4″ screen. I like checking my email, and playing a few games, but beyond that, my phone is not my ideal choice for doing real computer tasks. I just need a bigger screen!

One great way to solve this problem is by using a mobile hotspot. It allows you to have internet service anywhere you go (within the coverage area of the device). I have mobile hotspot, and I can tell you, there are so many times that I have been glad I didn’t just rely on wifi.

Business trips for one often require me to use my laptop while traveling. Hotel wifi is not always reliable, and to be honest, doesn’t work half of the time. Using my hotspot has been so much easier, and better for me to ensure I get done what I need to accomplish.

Long car rides with kids are made better with hotspot as well! My kids love to stream videos, but unless we have mobile hotspot, only one of them will be streaming anything!

Netzero has a great portable hotspot device that lets you get up to 4g mobile broadband service while traveling. Speaking from experience, the mobile broadband can be better than wifi sometimes!

For Laptops, Netbooks, iPads®, Tablets & More

This portable and personal 4G hotspot lets you enjoy secure, super-fast 4G Internet for up to eight devices simultaneously. Just connect your Wi-Fi-enabled device(s), select one of our low cost data plans and you’re ready to go.

They even have a FREE plan!  If you will only be using your device a few times a month, you can access 200mb of data for free!

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