If you have a large family, or extended family, you know that sometimes it can be tough remembering which name to call which kid (hey it happens), let alone when everyone’s birthday is.  I have the perfect solution and you can make it yourself!

  • I went to Michaels and bought a wood frame – $3.99.  I painted it a color to match the house.  My dining room is purple so I chose purple.  On the bottom of the board I painted the beginning letter of the month. You can use beads or something else with the letter and hot glue gun it on or decorate it any other way as you please.
  • I then went and got hooks at Meijer for .89 cents. My dad made me the wooden squares – one inch by one inch, and drilled a hole on the top and bottom.
  • On each wooden block I wrote the name of someone in my family and the day of the month that they were born.  I then placed them in order into which month they were born.
  • For instance, My birthday is August 6 and my Niece is August 20, and my Daughter’s God Mother is the 10th of August so I placed Heather on one side and 6 on the other. Kenadi on one side and 20 on the other and so forth for all the members in my family were completed.
  • Then I got the smaller version of a key ring and placed three between each of the wooden blocks that were in the same month, then hooked them onto the month.

I will never forget someone again.   I have it hanging in a prominent spot so I can always see if someone has a birthday coming up!


Written by Heather.