I love to experiment with new color for my hair, but sometimes I get a little nervous about going outside of my comfort zone to really try something new.  Recently I have gone from blonde (not my natural color), to a light brown, and now I’m almost back to my natural color of an ash blonde/brown.  

I was able to try out the Nice ‘n Easy non-permanent color to try out a color before committing to it, and honestly I thought I picked out a darker color than what I did. I was trying to go a little bolder and get some darker locks, but I ended up matching what I previously had and at least filling in my roots pretty good, lol.  You can see that it did change the color slightly, and gave it a little shine, but it is pretty close to what I already had. 

Next time I am going to have to go even darker so I can try it out and see if a dark color will look good on me.  I’ve never really had dark hair and I’m kinda wanting to find out how it would look, without being really “stuck” with it for a long time if I don’t like it.  

The hair color itself was really easy to mix and apply.  Just add colorant to the developer and shake, apply, let it set, then rinse.  Whenever I color my hair I always love the little packet of conditioner that comes in the box as well, for some reason it just seems to make my hair much softer than my normal conditioner does!

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Written by Jesica.


Disclosure:  The Mommy Bunch received a free product from Nice n’ Easy courtesy of vocalpoint to facilitate this review.  All opinions are our own.