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My kids absolutely love playing their Nintendo 3DS system and are always willing to try out new games. Most of the games in the line-up are racing or action games for my son, and a few fun games that are geared more toward younger kids for my daughter. I figured it was high time I had a game to play for those rare times when my kids actually give up the 3DS long enough for me to play.

Tomadachi Life review

I was provided the Nintendo Tomadachi Life game for review courtesy of Best Buy. When I first received the game I was pretty excited to give it a try as it reminded me a bit of the SIMS, although this is really nothing like that. You first go through and set up your Mii, who is the only person living in the island world. Naming the Mii was part of the fun, my kids thought it was a riot that I gave my Mii the nickname, “Smootchie”. They then of course immediately wanted me to create new characters for them and nicknamed their Miis some goofy names as well. I believe we ended up with a “Lipsie” and the ever creative, “Wii”.  🙂

You can decide what to do with your Mii character. They will tell when they are hungry, or bored, or anything else, but you are the one who ultimately decides what they get to eat, who they interact with, etc. My Mii immediately told me she was hungry, so I fed her — which apparently wasn’t one of her favorite foods as it filled her up a little but didn’t make it onto the favorite food list.

After eating she told me she was lonely, so I proceeded to make more Miis, and each Mii was then added to the apartment building where they all apparently live. More buildings kept being added as I proceeded further into the game. Places like a water fountain, a resturaunt, a clothing store, and several others started popping up. Unfortunately you don’t have the ability to customize any aspects of the island, but I’m fine with that. Keeping those needy Miis happy is tasking enough. They cry out for food, demand new clothes, and cry out for more friends.

I guess this is fitting though as the game is largely about relationships. There is no good guy or bad guy, no beginning and no end. Tomadachi Life isn’t about what you must do, it is about choices and what you can do. The object of the game is really to just have fun. Be creative, see what relationships develop – largely based on the choices you make for your Miis, especially in the small-talk area.

I haven’t made it far enough into the game yet to develop any real relationships beyond friendship status, however, you can evolve many of the friendly relationships into more romantic ones. I can’t wait to see how that plays out. They can even have children!

Final thoughts on Tomadachi Life

There are so many hilarious and curiously bizarre moments to be found along the way that you’ll be sure to find hours of enjoyment, especially if you are the type who loved the Sim type games.

Tomadachi Life Trailer

More about Tomadachi Life

Populate a 3D island world with unique and exciting characters of your own creation in Tomodachi Life. Turn your friends, family members and favorite celebrities into fun Mii characters and customize their appearance and personalities. Watch their lives unfold as they make music, find romance, play fun games, shop, eat snacks and more. Laugh and cry with your Mii characters as you forge an emotional connection. Enjoy the drama and comedy of their interactions and expect the unexpected as their stories evolve. Immerse yourself in brilliant 3D graphics. A whole world of fun is waiting — all you need to do is create it.

In Tomadachi Life you can do things like:

  • Make Music Videos – write songs and watch your Mii’s perform your creations…did we mention that they wear goofy outfits while on stage?
  • Create Mii’s of your favorite celebrities – anyone can show up on your Tomodachi Life island.
  • Favorite/Least Favorite Foods – discover and feed your Mii’s what they love or what they hate…and watch the hilarious results.
  • Get Married and Have Kids – start a family in Tomodachi Life and experience your child growing up, walking for the first time, and maybe move off the island?!?!?!
  • Personalities and Voices – not only can your create Mii’s that look like you and your friends, but you can also give them their own voice and personalities.

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