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Easter is always a time of year that brings us together. Kids playing in the park searching for eggs, great conversations, and a feeling of renewal that can only come when spring is in the air. 

We have our Easter traditions just like any other family, but this year I wanted to change it up a bit.

We have been trying to stop using candy as a gift option because we have already eliminated it from most other aspects of our lives, but Easter baskets have always been candy filled. 

So what can you do if you want a non-candy Easter gift? 

It can be relatively easy to give kids something fun and exciting. This year we decided on a cute basket idea that uses rain boots as the ‘baskets’. 

We stuffed the boots with fun little trinkets that are perfect for getting outside in the spring, like kites and bubbles.

I didn’t want it to be all toys, though, so we also gave the kids something colorful and fun that is still food related. We gave them colored vitaminwater® so they could stay hydrated and refreshed while playing outside!

non candy Easter gift idea

The kids love drinking this water because they love that it is colorful (they think they are getting a treat), and I love giving it to them.

You’d be surprised how happy the kids are to get a gift where they think they are getting a special treat…and as a mom, you don’t have to worry about it. :)

Non-Candy Easter Gift Ideas

It can be easier than you think to create a non-candy Easter basket. All you have to do is grab a few small items that will be fun to play with outside.

Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, squirt guns, kites, etc., all work really well. Then place them in some rain boots to make it even more fun!

If you don’t want to use rain boots or if your kids don’t need new ones, you can stick with a traditional Easter basket. 

Other drink ideas to fill Easter baskets, or to include with your Easter meal, are: Simply Orange®, Simply Lemonade®, smartwater®, Gold Peak® Tea Gold Leaf Tea® and Sprite®. They are a perfect complement to your Easter Meal and you can find great prices at Sam’s Club.

Whether you’ll be entertaining a crowd, or just making Easter baskets for your own family, these fun ideas can work for everyone!

Have you made a non-candy Easter basket before? Share your fun basket ideas
with us!