As with our homes, we want to be certain our computers are secure from intruders. While a screen door with a hook-and-eye latch keeps out most insects and encourages polite visitors to wait for an invitation before coming in, the fact is, that’s about all it does for your home.

padlockIf you want to protect your fine china, keep out robbers, and make sure nobody steals your priceless paintings or kidnaps your children, you need much better security – an alarm system to warn of possible trespassers, a security camera, a dog, and a good tall iron fence with a padlock.

The average virus protection or security suite acts for your computer much as a screen door with a latch does for your home. It protects against some obvious problems. For added protection, many experts recommend Symantec’s security products; Norton 360 or Norton Antivirus.

computerBoth provide protection against viruses, malware, spyware, phishing, and other harmful entities your computer can pick up from the Internet. Norton Antivirus is great for most home computer users.

If you have a complex, high-priced computer containing valuable information, or if you have children who might access inappropriate material, Symantec’s Norton 360 may be a better choice for you.

Yes, Norton 360 uses more memory, but offers more features than Norton Antivirus. Norton uses less memory, is good for everyday purposes, and costs less than its pricier cousin. However, the price of 360 is good for three licenses, and has more bells and whistles.

Which one should you choose for your own use? That depends upon your needs and how much value you place on your computer and its contents.