I can’t really say that I’ve reached a plateau since I have been losing at least a pound every week after all, but this week I did feel like I was in a bit of a rut. 

To be honest, I think I was just retaining a little water because I felt a little on the bloated side, but overall it just didn’t feel like when I stepped on the scale I was going to see much difference.

Typically I only record my weight to the pound to make it easier to keep track, but my scale does read to the hundredths place. Technically I did lose .60 pounds, however, I really count that as staying the same since the “big” number didn’t change.

I’m not beating myself up over this, I mean I didn’t gain any weight after all, and I know there will be times when it isn’t going to come off as easily as it has so far. I know I need to start getting some exercise into my routine along with the Nutrisystem diet, but I just haven’t given myself that little push yet.

I am hoping next week’s results do show a little more loss, and hoping that my husband is able to pick up the elliptical he bought for me so I can really get started on some exercise.

I know not doing it now is just an excuse since I really don’t need a machine to exercise, but I really need something to give me that push to start and I’m hoping that having a big machine sitting there taunting me will help.


Nutrisystem Success Report

Program Starting Weight: 159 lbs

Weight loss this week:  0 lbs

Weight after week 10: 148 lbs

Total weight loss: 11 lbs


I hope you will continue with me on my journey, as I blog each week of my experiences and success with Nutrisystem Nation over the next four months! You can find all of my Nutrisystem stories as I journey through this program by visiting this link: Jesica’s Nutrisystem Journey

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