This week I am placing my monthly food order so I thought I would share with you some of my favorite items on the Nutrisystem menu. After all, the food has to taste good if I am going to eat it, right?!

Nutrisystem Breakfast Favorites

Starting with the first meal of the day, I picked out a few items on the menu that are surprisingly good! If you are a breakfast eater (which you should be!), you will love the choices that are available with Nutrisystem.  The items I enjoy the most are the following delicious items:

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Nutrisystem Lunch Favorites

The lunch meals have been my favorite part of the Nutrisystem program.  There haven’t been many I didn’t enjoy, and I had a hard time choosing my favorites!

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Nutrisystem Dinner Favorites

The dinner menu proved to be more difficult to choose a favorite. There was a bit of a shortage in the frozen meals, and I wasn’t able to sample any of them (next month I will get to try them), so I only had the pantry selections to pick from. I did manage to find a few things that were quite good, although my recommendation would be to not order half of your menu as pizza –it is good, but gets boring quickly.  🙂

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Nutrisystem Success Report

Program Starting Weight: 159 lbs

Weight loss this week: 1 lbs

Weight after week 15: 146 lbs

Total weight loss: 13 lbs

So after eating all this tasty food I am glad to say I have lost the one pound I gained back last week, however, I still have not used the elliptical. I am going to talk to my husband and we are going to set aside some time to get everything hooked up so I can get started on it!  No more waiting around for this gal.


I hope you will continue with me on my journey, as I blog each week of my experiences and success with Nutrisystem Nation over the next four months! You can find all of my Nutrisystem stories as I journey through this program by visiting this link: Jesica’s Nutrisystem Journey

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