Okay, so maybe that is a little dramatic, but seriously we have had this thing so long that you can practically see through it.  It really is time for a new comforter, but my comical husband tells me, “oh it’ll be perfect for summer because it won’t be too hot.”  Umm, yeah until the air conditioning is making me freeze my bum off like last night!  I would take a picture to show you but I’d just be too embarrassed about how thin this thing is!

So I’ve been looking around at new comforters and I’m not sure which one I should get.  Right now we have one of those down alternative comforters, which I love, but they are so pricey.  So far I have found some decent cream ivory comforter sets, but I’m not sure if we really need a set.  Although I do like how much you get for the money with a set.  I was also looking at a cream striped comforter.  I don’t know, it is something about cream and stripes that seems more luxurious to me, lol.

What would your recommendation be?  Do you have a favorite that you just couldn’t do without?  Also, I am looking into daybed comforter sets for our guest room so if anyone has any tips on a nice design let me know!


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