If you’re starting to worry that you won’t be able to fit in all of the outdoor fun you had planned before the end of the summer, don’t sweat! While summer vacation is the ideal time for most people to enjoy a break from work and get some sun, you can still do plenty of awesome activities throughout the rest of the year. 

It may be customary to plan your excursions during the summer heat, but you don’t have to cram everything into that three-month stretch. Here are five examples of fun outdoor activities that you can enjoy during any season.

Go for a Hike

Hiking is one outdoor activity that might just be better during cooler months. Spring and fall hikes are ideal because the mellow temperatures and more consistent rain can make even the most strenuous trails more tolerable. With the summer sun beating down on you, you may not want to spend as much time admiring the scenery to avoid getting overheated. Nature parks and trails with waterfalls are ideal in the springtime when excess rain makes the water flow freely and local flora and fauna are out in full force. 

Take Your Family Camping

While most people think that camping leaves you totally exposed to the elements, there are plenty of ways to make the experience more comfortable in any season. If you want to take your family on a short trip to camp in a beautiful area–like near a lake or in a national park–during a colder season, you can look into campers that can be hooked up to water and electricity for all of the comforts and amenities of home. Air conditioning, hot water, and electric stovetops make this type of camping feel pretty luxurious, while the campsite setting allows you to enjoy the outdoors at your leisure. 

Plant a Garden

Gardening is one sunny-weather hobby that requires year-round planning to be successful. While most popular crops–like wildflowers and vegetables–are ready to enjoy during the summer, you can sow seeds and maintain different plants all throughout the year. Fall crops–like leafy greens, brussels sprouts, and broccoli–can be started at the end of summer, while most summer crops must be started in spring to have a full and fruitful season. Staying on top of your gardening goals all year round will ensure that by next summer, you have plenty of beautiful flowers, fruits, and veggies in your home garden to show for the work you did in earlier months!

Find a New Fishing Hole

Spring, summer, and fall are popular times to fish but don’t pack your tackle box away when it starts getting colder. Ice fishing is a fun and challenging hobby that avid outdoorsmen will enjoy with a little bit of education and the right materials. If you try fishing in new areas and at different times of the year, you can find new species and get a different outlook on the whole fishing experience. All you have to do is learn how to catch different types of fish in different conditions (with the right gear) and you’ll have success in any season!

Host a Bonfire

Another amazing outdoor activity that you should try is hosting a bonfire party. Bonfires are ideal during cooler months because the heat of the fire keeps your guests comfortable. If you’ve never attempted to manage a large fire like this before, make sure to catch up on proper bonfire safety tips to learn how to prevent and handle any unexpected issues. With the right prep and smart fire maintenance methods, you and your friends can have a lot of fun watching the glowing flames, roasting marshmallows, and chatting in a warm and comfortable setting.

If you’re hoping to have a lot more fun with your family and friends this year, don’t rush to get everything done before summer’s end. Keep these versatile outdoor activities in mind and you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy them in later seasons!