Many families dismiss the potential of their backyards to be active, educational, and creative spaces for their kids to thrive in. If you want to see both plants and your children blossom in your outdoor space, here is a selection of tips and tricks that can help you to create the perfect backyard and outdoor space for your young family. 

Let the Grass Grow

Rather than opting to pave your garden completely, you should consider letting the grass grow long and lustrous in your backyard. This can help to create a natural playground for your kids that is soft on their feet and can allow them to get face-to-face with nature every single day of the week. Click here to find out more about the right grass seeds that you can buy to bring your lawn back to life.  

Keep it Safe 

Your outdoor space can also present many hazards to your children. You should be aware of any poisonous plants or fungi growing in your yard. You should also remove any machinery and equipment and return it to your shed as soon as you have finished using it. Removing any pet feces as soon as possible, or training your pets to relieve themselves in a designated area, is a good idea to avoid children accidentally stepping in it.

Make it Educational

Your backyard can also be an educational space for your children that can allow them to learn new information in a practical way. For instance, you can teach your children where their food comes from by creating a vegetable patch full of easy-to-grow veggies, such as carrots and spinach, and create a sensory garden for them to tune into their various senses. Not only this, but you can even teach your kids science outside by conducting experiments such as growing the same plants in various places in your garden or teaching them how plants survive by growing some yourselves. 

Install Play Equipment

Above all, though, you can instill a life-long passion for the outdoors within your kids by installing play equipment in your backyard. For instance, climbing frames, swings, and slides can keep them fit and encourage them to spend time outdoors. You could also build a sandpit or a treehouse for them that can allow them to enjoy different activities that they would not be able to do indoors and which can ignite their imagination. 

One of my childrens’ favorite activities is to set up a tent in the backyard to sleep in on nice summer days. Kids love to feel capable and using a tent to allow them some autonomy is a great way to do that!

Create Places to Explore

There is no harm in making your garden a mysterious and exciting area full of places to explore and play in. For instance, you should consider leaving parts of your garden wild or planting trees for your children to climb if you have the right amount of space.