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Summer is about freedom. We get outside more, we explore more, and we take advantage of being able to eat outside! There is just something about eating outdoors that makes everything that much better. So how do you pack a perfect picnic that you can enjoy just about anywhere?

pack a perfect picnic

Nothing is worse than a soggy sandwich after a long day of fun. Whether you’ll be making your way to the beach, are planning a meal after a long hike, or simply taking the kids for a walk to the park, we’ve got picnic packing tips for you to keep your bread dry, your chips whole, and make your picnic a smashing success.

Pack A Perfect Picnic

Your favorite picnic food is a matter of taste, of course, but there are some simple steps you can take once you have your menu locked down to help avoid the dreaded soggy sandwich and crushed chips. 

Food Safety

Before you get to packing, be sure to think about food safety. Whether you are bringing cold chicken, egg salad, or even just a simple pb&j, ice packs are essential to keeping your food cool and fresh. 

Once you get to your picnic destination it may look appealing to lay out your fare for all to see, but keeping your food on ice for as long as possible will reduce the risk of having to throw out anything that’s sat in the baking sun all day.

Carry hand sanitizer to freshen hands before eating.

If you are going camping, spending the day on a boat, or taking a long hike, chances are there won’t be a place to wash your hands. Hand sanitizer and a moist towelette can help keep hands clean after enjoying your time in the sun.

Avoid Soggy Food

Nobody wants to eat a watered down sandwich or have their leaky coleslaw end up mixed in with your dessert cups. To keep foods separated and dry, use a leak-proof container for each food type.

I’ve been using the new Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE for meal prep and food storage, and they are awesome to help pack a perfect picnic!

pack a perfect picnic

The containers are leak-proof, so I don’t have to worry about my dessert topping mixing in with the shortcake too early. 

pack a perfect picnic

Prep In Advance

You know the types food your family will eat. Whether you are keeping it simple with pb&j, or packing up leftover chicken drumsticks, pasta salad, quinoa wraps, and your favorite quiche, my rule of thumb is to always have some fresh vegetables and fruit on hand.

If you have guests, you can be sure that they can at least find comfort in eating fruit and vegetables if the main course you’ve chosen doesn’t suit their tastes. Plus I always make my kids eat their pick of vegetables with every meal, so a couple of options to allow them choices is a great idea!

No matter what you are taking along, you can pack a perfect picnic by making sure foods stay separated using clear plastic containers.

Leak-proof containers with locking lids, like these from the Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE collection, are a great way to not only keep your sandwiches dry but also allow you to make everything ahead and store neatly in your fridge until you are ready to go!

pack a perfect picnic

Don’t Forget Essentials

I have four kids so sometimes things can get a bit hectic. If I don’t plan ahead and start whipping together a picnic at the last minute, I’m bound to have forgotten something. It is definitely no fun when you don’t have any plates to eat off of or forks to eat with. 

Don’t forget to bring napkins, plates, and utensils (unless you have packed all finger food) — and water bottles or glasses to drink out of. I always forget to bring something to drink!

TIP: A good way to always remember something to drink is to freeze water bottles and use them as your ice packs. They keep the food chilled, and as they defrost you can drink out of them!

Have Fun!

After all the prepping and packing, you’ve finally made it to your picnic destination. Even if you spent a lot of time preparing a gourmet meal, don’t forget to just enjoy the day and have a little fun or just relax. Everyone will appreciate the food and time you spent so much more if they can also spend some quality time with you having fun!

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Picnic packing tips. Keep your food dry, separated, and ready to eat!  Picnic packing tips. Keep your food dry, separated, and ready to eat!


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