When you have a toddler and a pre-schooler in the house it is pretty easy to find toys they like, not so much when it comes to toys that are also mom-approved. Since my kids love Paw Patrol, I was actually able to find toys that make great Paw Patrol Christmas Gifts, but they are also toys I won’t wish were out of my house in a few weeks. 

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Types of Toys I Look For

After four kids and way too many toys, I’ve become a bit of a better shopper. I realize that most of the stuff we used to buy, or thought we needed, really was just a space-filler and hardly ever got played with. Now that I’m a bit more experienced, I look for toys that fit these criteria:

  • Does it Inspire Imaginative Play
  • Can it be put away neatly (doesn’t take up much space)
  • Is it durable (last for more than a few months)

If a toy can meet those simple requirements, it gets added to my list! As an experienced mom of four, let me pass my wisdom on to you – don’t waste your time and/or money on toys the kids won’t play with, that take up too much space and clutter up the house, or that offer no real educational value. 

Great Paw Patrol Christmas Gifts

Paw Patrol Books

Books make the list because reading out loud to your children is important to help build their vocabulary. It can also inspire imagination as they think about the story and make it come to life in their heads!

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A few favorites: 

Puppy Birthday to you (Paw Patrol) – This is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon!
A Very Puppy Christmas – Perfect for the holidays!
Holiday Helpers– Another great holiday selection.
The Little Red Rescue Box– 4 Great Board Books, take them with you everywhere!

Action Toys

Action based toys make great Paw Patrol Christmas Gifts because not only is it fun to get a sweet toy, your child can have hours of fun playing — their imagination is the limit! Dream up new worlds together for your toys to explore, build new cities to doze over, or simply have fun driving around and around!

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Some Favorites:


Ionix Jr. Paw Patrol Rubble’s Bulldozer – My son loves anything with wheels, so this bulldozer is perfect for him. He can drive it around, push blocks over, scoop them up, and even use additional blocks to build places for his dozer to go!


Paw Terrain Vehicle
– How could you have a Paw Patrol mission without the Paw Terrain Vehicle? Help Ryder rescue the Baby Panther, then drive your vehicle around and see what else you can rescue!

Launch N Roll Lookout Tower Track Set  or Rocky’s Barn Rescue Track Set – I don’t include track sets on my lists often because they can take up a lot of space (noted by the full-size one currently doubling as our coffee table), however, this one breaks apart very easily and the track pieces stack together for storage. If you have a toy box or a bin to store toys, these will fit nicely inside. They are also expandable with other Paw Patrol track sets.

Rescue Racers 3pk, Marshal, Rubble, Rocky – These Paw Patrol racers are great with or without a track set and are great for zooming down the hallway, driving around a fun town you built out of bricks, or simply racing a younger sibling. 😉 

Do you have any favorites that would make great Paw Patrol Christmas Gifts?
Let us know!



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