If you have a teen driver on your hands this year keeping them safe behind the wheel may be weighing on your mind. As a parent of a teenager, how do you ensure your child remains safe behind the wheel while they are driving yet give them space and freedom to venture out into the world on their own.

Tips for ensuring teen drivers (and you) stay safe on the road


Back to school brings a lot of new changes and more teen drivers on the road. Even with the most responsible teens, driving is a major milestone. Check out these great resources that can help families with young drivers keep peace of mind:

  • Vehicle Monitoring System: A system like this allows parents to identify their son or daughter’s location and any mechanical issues with the car. After putting the easy-to-install module in the car, moms and dads can use the app on their smartphone to check a vehicle’s location on a map as well as decipher engine codes to be aware of mechanical issues.
  • Parent/Child Agreement: A Parent-Child Agreement is a great resource to help facilitate a conversation with your teen around acceptable use of mobile devices. You can create your own or download a free agreement here: Parent/Child Agreement.
    • The agreement is free to download, is customizable, and parents can use it to set certain parameters for phone use as well as driving responsibilities and limitations. Parents and teenagers can agree in writing that young drivers should not use their cellphones while driving.
    • According to a recent Better Moments survey, 82 percent of parents surveyed have rules about their kids’ cellphone use. What are your rules?
parent child agreement

Do you have any rules you enforce? 

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Thanks to King GM for helping us keep our teen drivers safe on the road with this important information.