This is a sponsored post by Lorex Technology. All opinions are my own.

When we decided to have a wire-free security system installed it was for peace of mind, of course, but it was also for capturing all the fun moments around our yard. What I didn’t realize when we installed our cameras was that we would have quite a few unexpected visitors showing up on screen!

Capturing Animals On Security Camera

I knew our neighborhood had quite a few stray cats running around, but what I didn’t realize was how frequently they made themselves right at home in our yard, on our deck, or anywhere they pleased. These cats definitely know their way around our yard and aren’t afraid to head right where they want to go.

In addition to the cats, I captured a curious little bird, and my nemesis — our neighbor’s dog!

When the neighbors don’t think anyone is watching they let this dog roam free to go poop in other people’s yards, which I’ve got this little hooligan doing on more than one occasion, but now I have video proof!

Check out this short little video of a few of the furry and feathered friends that have come to give us a visit.

I can’t wait to see what other animals we capture over the months. Perhaps a deer, but hopefully nothing pesky.

There is also a manual recording feature so one of these days I’m going to try to turn it on during sunset and watch as the sun sets over the beautiful hills facing out our front door. 

What would you love to see captured on your home security system?

Peace Of Mind Caught On Video

To be honest, the fact that I’m only catching the animals from around the neighborhood on my video system gives me a little peace of mind. I know that there is nothing shady going on in or around my home, and it does help me worry a little less.

Of course, we also catch the fun things like the kids playing outside, or answering the door and letting their friends know they can’t come in right now because a parent has to be home. It is so amazing to know that I can trust my kids are going to make the right decisions and not try to do something that is against the rules — and I have video confirmation to back it up. 

Why We Chose Lorex

Regardless of your reason for considering a wire-free security system, I highly recommend the Lorex 1080p HD Wire-Free Camera System we went with. With the Lorex Wire-Free System I’m able to do all of the following:

  • Watch as my kids get off the school bus in the afternoon even if I’m still at work.
  • Know who is knocking on my door before I even get to the door.
  • Know who left a package and what time it was dropped off.
  • Wondering what animal has been sneaking around our backyard has been solved thanks to the security camera on our back door.
  • Knowing when my older kids are coming and going and who they are bringing over to the house helps us keep them accountable and responsible.
  • And in the rare case that something should happen where someone is trying to access our home or is damaging our property, we’d have the video surveillance to help capture any perpetrators. 

All of these little things and more make having a security system invaluable to us. Head here to read my full review on Why the Lorex Wire-Free System Is Right For Us

With Lorex you get everything you need right in one box, setup is simple and easy, and if you are like me you will enjoy watching the playback of what has been happening around your house — it’s better than reality TV!

If you want to see how easy this system is to install, I wrote all about it here: Lorex Wire-Free Camera Installation.

The best thing about this security system is that there are no monthly fees. You simply connect it to your home wi-fi and you can view the cameras from your home computer, your smartphone, or directly to a monitor you hook up to the recorder. 



All video captured with our Lorex Wire Free Security System: Lorex 1080p HD Wire-Free Camera System (affiliate link)