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Thank you to kidecals for providing me with a great set of labels!

Yes, yes it is true that the name Kidecals would imply that the decal stickers would be designed mostly for kid stuff….. but they are great for adults too!

The kidecals labels are dishwasher-safe, washer-safe, and dryer-safe and they stick to any surface; like backpacks, clothing, food containers, and electronics. The versatility of these labels makes them perfect for food container labeling, organization, sports equipment, and more.

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I really like the idea of being able to re-use the labels for food storage. You can decide how it works best in your home and add the date that you stored the food, the date it will go bad, or any other date that works for you. What a great way to keep leftovers and stop wondering about that ‘mystery dish’ in the refrigerator!

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I just received a fabulous pack of my own labels. For me, getting a custom set of labels was the perfect way to add my information to my sample products for my business. Now, not only do people know who the product belongs to should it get misplaced, but the info is right there when I give out samples ready for customers to contact me and/or order more!


The sheet of labels I received came with two different sizes. I guess I wasn’t that good at reading fine details when I ordered so I was pleasantly surprised that they weren’t all the same size. It turns out the smaller ones worked out perfectly for sticking on my product jars.


So far I have been really impressed with these. They turned out great and they are holding strong. These are also waterproof, so when I do in-home spa parties I won’t have to worry about wet hands making them accidentally come off.

Want to check out how to get your own customized labels? It is so easy, just head over to the Kidecals site, input your info, and order!


So tell us….

What could you label around your house?