I am really excited to be attending two weddings this summer for some close friends. I can’t wait to help them celebrate their magical day, but I also can’t wait to have the opportunity to find a beautiful dress. Weddings are one of the few occasions where I get to really dress up and go all out. I love wearing dresses, but typically don’t have any reason to wear them and this will be my chance to do just that!

I’ve already been looking online and have found a few things I like. The online retailer, JenJenHouse, has amazing selections! Since both of the weddings I will be attending will be summer weddings I really want something light and flowy. I found two beautiful dresses that are on the top of my list.

blue dress jenjenhouse      

Both seem light and fun, and both can be purchased in many different colors. I also like that the top of the dress is covered really well because a full chested gal like me needs the extra coverage. I was just going to get one dress and wear it to both weddings since there won’t be similar people at either wedding, however, I don’t know if I can decide. I might just have to get both dresses and treat myself a little. 🙂

In addition to these great dresses that are perfect for cocktail parties and wedding guests, JenJenHouse also carries a full line of prom dresses, wedding party dresses, and more!  I would check it out if you are looking for that perfect dress for your special occasion.


So tell us…

Do you like to wear dresses whenever you get the chance? Which one of my two selections is your favorite?



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