My family and I have been planning a trip to Disney World for a few months and I have been working overtime to make sure every detail is planned out to a T (type A personality, I know).  We do not plan on checking any bags on the plane, only taking carry-on items, since checking bags costs an arm and a leg now.

My big problem was figuring out how I am going to be able to take quality bath products that I actually want to use when I am there.  I NEVER get to take baths at home, simply because I usually don’t have the time for more than a quick shower, and because our bathtub is rather small.  I intend on taking as many relaxing baths as I can on this vacation!  This is why I was glad I was able

to find some “travel friendly” items on EdenFantasys, a site known mostly known for it’s adult toys.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that EdenFantasys has so many more things than just adult toys, such as this bath and shower gel travel kit.

They also have lip care products, makeup, and so much more!  Even if you aren’t into sex toys, I would recommend paying EdenFantasys a visit just to see the large selection of other products they have.  The website is fairly safe to view anywhere, there are no naked people or anything that might get you in trouble at work, you might draw a few stares if you are looking at the sex toys, but other than that I think it is pretty work friendly.

If you would like to purchase something for yourself, save 25% with coupon code SEXYU25 (good until 03/30)!





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