Thank you to Planet Sock Monkey for sponsoring this post, all opinions (and bad poems) are my own.

Thank you to planet sock monkey for sponsoring this post, all opinions (and bad poems) are my own.

Have you heard of Planet Sock Monkey yet? If not, you will soon be wondering what planet you’ve been living on because I’m sure it hasn’t been Planet Sock Monkey!

Okay, okay…bad joke. Seriously though, this new line of sock monkeys is pretty awesome, and Planet Sock Monkey dolls are great gifts for tweens, teens and just about anyone (ages 8 & up). Give them as birthday surprises, Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, Easter basket stuffers and more!

My two sock monkeys decided they wanted to be stocking stuffers — their choice, not mine (they have some pretty strong personalities you know). According to the Planet Sock Monkey Facebook page:

These characters are who they are, all of them hot, and their attitudes on fire. There’s no wishy-washy here, no half-ways or almosts. We go all the way and give sock monkeys full-blown personality, taking them where no sock monkey has gone before. But we promise that you’ll always end up in undeniable monkey love.

planet sock monkey

I’m loving how cute the sock monkeys are, but these little monkeys can be a bit mischievous… I caught Long Sock Silver in our theater room, where he teamed up with Star Harmonkey (yes they all have names and personalities) for a pirate movie marathon. We wrote a little poem about it:

long sock silverPlanet Sock Monkey with Long Sock Silver in “Theater Magic”

There once was a scoundrel with a flair for the dramatic.

He be captain’n the Black Banana searching for treasure and is quite charismatic.

Long Sock Silver is the name,

and pirating is his game.

He was plundering and looking for tips in many a movie,

Master and Commander didn’t cut it so next was 20,000 leagues under the sea.



long sock silver star harmonkey

Watching movies alone wasn’t any fun,

so he found a mate he could call a companion.

Star Harmonkey was singing to her own tune,

when love hit her like a monsoon.

She joined in the theater fun,

and soon their pirating antics could not be outdone!


Hmmm, Long Sock Silver and Star Harmonkey — didn’t see that one coming.   😯


Check out the hype; more about Planet Sock Monkey

Some of the things I really love about these unique sock monkeys are that they each have their own style and can match any hard-to-buy-for tween or teen’s personality. They are quirky, which can be tons of fun when you let your imagination run wild. Kids of any age can enjoy playing with these!

Check out the full line of irresistible sock monkeys here: Patch Products Planet Sock Monkey


So tell us…

Which Planet Sock Monkey doll would fit your personality best? I personally think Ima Bananerd fits me pretty well.