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If you are planning a road trip with kids, or any type of vacation with your kids, getting everything ready for your big trip can sometimes be overwhelming, not to mention hectic. In our family of six, we are always bound to forget something unless we have a list written down.

Why a checklist?

Have you ever noticed that it seems like you forget at least one or two things when you go on vacation? This is usually the case for most people, especially if they have children. Kids tend to raise their parents’ stress levels in the weeks prior to a big vacation, which can cause them to forget something as they pack.

To avoid this on your next trip, use a travel checklist for kids items to keep you on track when it’s time to get everyone packed and ready to go!

Travel Checklists

Since each family typically has children of all different ages, from infants to young kids, to teenagers, I recommend making a list for each member of the family separately to ensure you won’t forget anything. This is especially true for babies and toddlers since they will probably need the most items on your trip.

Infants and Toddlers

Here is a simple checklist that has all of the essentials already included with space to add your own necessities. If there is something you don’t need on your trip, simply cross it off!

Sample image, full list available upon download.

Click HERE or click on the image to download for personal use.

Grade School And Up

You may need to provide a bit of help to grade school kids by making a list for them and helping them remember what to pack, but older kids should be able to tackle this list on their own. My motto is if you don’t pack it, you go without.

This particular list also includes Miscellaneous items you don’t want to forget as well as some fun travel items for everyone!

Sample image, full list available upon download.

Click HERE or click on the image to download for personal use.


As you can see, there is a lot to remember when you are traveling with your kids. It really doesn’t matter how long of a trip that you are preparing for, most of the time, you will need a game plan in order to stay on top of your packing needs.

If you don’t have one, you will probably end up with a lot of things you don’t need, while missing the essential items that you do need. The checklists above will help you remember everything you need to take (for the kids) on your next trip.

Plan For The Unexpected

Once you have your list ready to go, don’t forget to plan for the unexpected illness or injury. We never want these things to happen when we are on a family vacation, but sometimes they just do. The best you can do is accept that everything doesn’t always go as planned, and prepare for those unexpected moments so you aren’t scrambling at the last minute.

When sick gets real, the pediatric brands of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare are there with three solutions – Children’s Advil®, Children’s Robitussin® and Children’s Dimetapp® – to tackle the ickiest of symptoms.

A few things you should be sure to include in your checklists on every trip are:

  • A First Aid Kit (or at least bandages)
  • Children’s Advil or other cold medicine/fever reducer.
  • Instant Ice Pack and/or Heat Pack

We always have Children’s Advil on hand because it is what works best for us. I trust that it is going to reduce fevers fast and that it is long lasting.

For your child’s cough, trust Children’s Robitussin® Extended-Release 12 Hour Cough Relief to control and relieve symptoms all-day or all- night. Available in grape or orange flavor, for children ages 4 and up. Please note, certain Children’s Robitussin® products are only suitable for children ages 6 and up

Children’s Dimetapp® Multi-Symptom Cold Relief Dye-Free eases your child’s stuffy and runny nose while quieting a bothersome cough. All in a great-tasting grape flavor that’s dye-free, for children ages 6 and up.

For more information visit the Sick just got real.™ website and Sick just got real.™ Facebook page.


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