Pooparoos Surpriseroos – Our Favorite New Surprise Toy!

This post is sponsored by Pooparoos Supriseroos, but all opinions are my own.

My kids are those kids that would sit and watch people open toys on YouTube all day long if I let them — yeah, I don’t get it either but I just roll with the punches. My girls, especially, love the surprise type toys where every time you open it you get a fun new surprise. 

Our latest obsession has been with the new Pooparoos Surpriseroos. This fun, whimsical, squishy little toy looked so cute we just had to try them out for ourselves!

We grabbed a few at Walmart recently (I have four kids and everyone had to get their own surprise). We were all super excited to get them home to open them and see what everyone got for their surprises! 

I have to admit, I was a little excited too — I love a good surprise as much as the next [big] kid!

What are Pooparoos Supriseroos?

Pooparoos are these cute, squishy little toys that eat and poop into their own little toilet. They each come with three ‘foods’ that you can feed to them, then you squeeze them to help them go.

Before you get to the eating and pooping, though, part of the fun is in the surprise! You never know which character or which foods you are going to get! 

To find out, open the toilet to see your character, then fill the toilet with water and dissolve the packages in the water to reveal your food items!

Scoop out your food with the included ‘pooper scooper’. 🙂

Once you have your food, feed your new friend and then squish to help ‘poop’ out the food!

Great For Imaginative Play

It has been so much fun watching my kids see their surprises, play with and squish their new little friends, and have tons of fun!

Since my kids love collectible stuff, they have also been keeping track of all the food items we’ve gotten so far!

Pooparoos Surpriseroos are great for kids of all ages. These are definitely something we are going to use as gift ideas for all those birthday parties we get invited to!

If you want to grab some Pooparoos Surpriseroos for your kids, or as a gift, head to Walmart and pick them up today!

Click here to add a Pooparoo to your Walmart cart.



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2 thoughts on “Pooparoos Surpriseroos – Our Favorite New Surprise Toy!

  • July 13, 2018 at 11:36 pm
    I might get these as gag gifts for my older kids for Christmas or their birthdays. Reply
  • July 22, 2018 at 10:05 am
    This toy looks so cute Reply

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