Pregnancy announcements have acquired a lot of prominence over the years and can be really fun to do. The twin birth announcement can especially be fun when you add a little creativity! If you are pregnant with twins, you may be searching the web, looking for inventive approaches to announce that you are expecting TWO children! Regardless of whether you are very excited, anxious, stunned, or all of the above, you will likely locate a couple of fun ways to impart the news to friends and family… or even the world.

Computer Game Idea 

In the event that you have children who love playing computer games, make the person in question sit close to a slate with the note ‘Player 2 and 3 Loading‘. That is a great plan to announce the arrival of a child to your youngster. For an extra twist, you can add the delivery date under the heading with ‘Estimated Time Remaining‘. 

Coordinating Onesies 

The possibilities are endless with making onesies for your twins. Show your onesies on a lounge chair or bed with an infant stylistic theme and snap an image. Here are a few ideas for organizing onesies to announce you’re anticipating twins: 

  • I was planned/I was a surprise
  • Plot/Twist. 
  • Copy/Paste 
  • Double/Trouble 
  • Twin 1/Twin 2 
  • Two Peas/In A Pod 
  • Better/Together 

Turkey Isn’t The Only Thing In The Oven 

If Thanksgiving is close to the corner and you discovered you’re pregnant, this is the ideal time for your newborn baby announcement. Have a shirt made that says, ” Turkey Isn’t The Only Thing In The Oven” and wear it on Thanksgiving Day to astound your loved ones. 

Bake a Recipe 

Baking is fun, and baking a recipe for the two new bundles of joy will certainly be a great way of announcing the new arrivals. Have a chalkboard or recipe card with the recipe written on it: ‘5 cups of kisses, 6 cups of love, and bake till (expected date)‘. You can put ‘Makes Two Babies‘ for the twins you are expecting! Take lots of pictures alongside some cupcakes or another favorite baking recipe.

Requesting Backup 

If you want a fun idea that includes dad, have him dress up as a sheriff. The children (if any) can take on the look of his deputies. Create an announcement with the children holding up signs stating ‘backup is on the way!’ You could also do this on a onsie for the new baby if you don’t have access to the police costumes.

Don’t forget to include the older siblings! More often than not, older children feel amped up for the arrival of another individual of the family, and they partake in the announcement ideas with a ton of excitement. These ideas are straightforward, and they can pull at everybody’s heartstrings.