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As a parent, I want my children to be problem solvers, to think through things and come up with solutions. The Critical Thinking Co.™ provides fantastic critical thinking resources for students such as Creative Problem Solving Level 1. Students can practice those problem-solving skills in a fun way!

About Creative Problem Solving Level 1

Creative problem solving requires more than just knowledge and thinking. Creative problem solving is the process of independently creating a solution. Numerous studies, including ones from the US Department of Education, the World Economic Forum, and Bloomberg indicate that tomorrow’s jobs will demand creative problem-solving skills. Imagination is unlimited power. Someone who has a good imagination can create what does not yet exist. ~Critical Thinking Co.

In Creative Problem Solving Level 1, young learners get practice coming up with solutions to problems in picture form. Since this book is designed for age 4 through grade 2, the problems start out very simple and easy and progressively get more complex. There are no right or wrong solutions, but students should be able to rationally explain why their solution will work.

My daughter is still learning how to read, so we are slowly moving through the first section of the book where you use your “magic pencil” to fix situations by drawing a solution.

She has really enjoyed the problems we have done so far, and we have a great time thinking of all the possible scenarios that could happen in each picture.

Section 2 and beyond start to require more writing. You could write the explanations for the child in the second section, however, beyond that the reading and writing becomes much more intensive and your child should be able to do both well before continuing on.

Overall we are having fun using this book to think about things in a new way and come up with solutions to problems. My hope is that when my children are presented with a problem in real life, they can use these same critical thinking skills to come up with solutions!

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