Sick of struggling with your plastic wrap? Tired of tearing your aluminum foil? You need Wraptastic! With just a simple press on the top of this revolutionary kitchen tool, your wrapping is made easy!

How to use the Wraptastic

wraptastic place food

wraptastic pull wrap

wraptastic push to cut

Once you have your plastic wrap cut, simply wrap your food like you normally would…only now you don’t have to worry about it all sticking together because it is already in place!

What The Mommy Bunch says about the Wraptastic….

When I first got the Wraptastic the directions were fairly simple to follow, and I had no trouble loading some plastic wrap into the dispenser. The only trouble I had was that I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t cutting. Then I realized there was a piece of plastic placed over the blade for safety purposes, and once I removed this it worked like a charm!

I have to say, using it for plastic wrap has made the process simpler. Previously, I would pull the wrap out of the box it came in and try to tear it off, this would usually cause the plastic to get all stuck to itself and I would have to spend time pulling it apart. This has not happened so far using the Wraptastic.

I have not had a chance to test this with aluminum foil, or any other types of wraps or papers, but I imagine it would do a fine job.

Buy the Wraptastic

The Wraptastic is actually a great deal. If you head over to their website, Wraptastic, you can buy one Wraptastic and get one for free. In addition, you will get a 50 ft roll of plastic wrap and a 25 ft roll of aluminum foil included with your purchase. This price makes it easy to have a couple of these on hand, or keep one and gift one to a friend!

Win the Wraptastic

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After writing this review, I have had a chance to use the wraptastic a few more times with the plastic wrap.  One of the issues I have found with this product is that the dispenser doesn’t stay put on the counter when you are pulling out the wrap. This means you have to have one hand holding down the dispenser so it doesn’t move while you are using the other hand to pull out the wrap.

This causes the problem of having your wrap sometimes sticking together just like it would if it were in the original box.  My suggestion would be to add some anti-slip, or gripping rubber pads to the bottom of the device so it doesn’t move.

I have also read some of the reviews from other bloggers, and although I have not yet tried the aluminum foil in mine, others have had some issues.  Head over the the giveaway page for a list of blogger reviews so you can check out all of the reviews on this product.