When something in your home breaks down or something goes wrong what do you do? Do you call someone in to try and fix the problem, or do you try to fix it yourself? If you are a do-it-yourselfer, do you find that you put off home repairs due to lack of knowledge, time, or both?


For many home owners, lack of money or a lack of knowledge in finding a reliable repair service can be a big issue in whether repairs get done or not. People then often turn to DIY repairs but still feel lost. Even those who may feel a little more knowledgeable about repairs can sometimes feel overwhelmed.

Find tips, tricks, and more online!

Before I cancelled my satellite TV service I was addicted to all the home improvement shows. I used to love how they could take some really run-down room and just transform it into something beautiful!

Although I don’t have access to quite as many shows anymore, I can still check out how the pros do it by visiting sites like DIY Network, or HGTV. On these, and similar sites, I can look for pretty much any type of home improvement project I am looking to tackle. In many instances, you will find tips and tricks to help you with your own DIY projects, and even get useful advice from professionals.

Five Home Repairs You Should Really Know How To Do Yourself

As a bonus, here are 5 Home Repairs You Should Really Know How To Do Yourself, courtesy of HowStuffWorks.com. The list includes: prepping a paint job, dealing with doors, applying caulk, repairing a faucet washer, and unplugging a clogged toilet.


So tell us….

What type of DIY projects have you attempted? Would having access to helpful resources right at your fingertips make you more likely to try a DIY project?