All that time spent inside in winter and not a clean house to show for it. I know I’m not alone here. No worries, though, as these tips from Hormel Foods and the first few days of sunshine will provide all the inspiration you need to kick-off spring cleaning (starting with the kitchen, of course)!

Spring Cleaning Shortlist:

  • Clear the Countertops: At one time or another, perhaps with our cutting boards wedged between the toaster and someone’s homework, we’ve all exclaimed “I need more space!” This year, take your cooking destiny in your own hands by storing your appliances and knick knacks in easy-to-access cabinets or drawers. The more space you clear from your countertops, the more elbow room you’ll have for tasks like mixing, baking, decorating, or any other weeknight routines.
  • Check the Storage Spaces: “Waste not, want not.” When we’re about to throw something away, memories of our parents’ words of wisdom can often trigger guilt. While cutting back on waste is important for our wallets (and our planet!), that six-month-old jar of half-eaten mystery sauce isn’t helping anyone. Wipe the slate clean by trashing expired ingredients and brainstorming ways to use the others. Once you’ve tackled your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry, check in weekly to ensure you’re using your freshest ingredients, and wasting as little as possible.
  • Reward Yourself: Now that your kitchen is spotless, enjoy it for a day or two. Pop a fully-cooked HORMEL® refrigerated entrée into the microwave oven for a no-mess classic dinner, or let your family choose one of the three meal ideas on the front of the package for a low mess option.

refrigerated entree

Need a little more in-depth cleaning? 

Check out my 4 weeks to a clutter free home challenge. There is a weekly challenge to help you spiff up your home and don’t worry – it is doable no matter how busy your lifestyle!

4 weeks challenge