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If you are a racing fan you know that races can last a while. One exciting turn after the other, whether watching at home or actually at the track, can give us a lot of time to think. One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is fun race car crafts for kids to help us really get into race day mode. 

You might be a racing fan if…..

  • You pass somebody while walking and in your mind you think, ‘lapped them’. 
  • If you tape the races and watch more than one time after the live broadcast.
  • If during a conversation, no matter what number the person says you can name the driver, like #95, Ty Dillion!
  • If you think of race car crafts for kids to get into race day…..

race car crafts for kids-toilet-paper-roll-race-cars

Fun Race Car Crafts For Kids – Car Tutorial

My kids are always up for a fun craft project, especially if that project involves paint and race cars. These toilet paper roll race cars are pretty easy to make, and loads of fun to do as a family!

How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Race Car 

Gather any materials you would like to use for decorating your race cars.
The necessities you will need are:

  • Paint – Acrylic works best but we used Tempura because I know how messy my kids are. 🙂
  • Paper Fasteners to attach the wheels
  • Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Hole Punch
  • Paint Brushes
  • Stickers or any other decorative pieces you choose


Your rolls should be prepped by removing any pieces of paper. Gather as many tubes as cars you would like to make.


Step 1) Paint your rolls any desired color. While waiting for the paint to dry, move on to the next step.


Step 2) Draw circles on pieces of cardboard. You need four circles per car for the wheels and one that is slightly smaller for the steering wheel. I used the cap of the paint to trace my wheels, then flipped my paint jar over and used the bottom for the steering wheels. You can make them any size you like for your cars, but this worked really well.


Have the kids trace and cut if they are old enough. It helps kill some time while the paint is drying, and it saves on your joints. My fingers get a bit achy so if I’m doing intricate work like this I like to use some Advil to alleviate the aches and pains quickly. Since my youngest two kids can’t quite do this step on their own, Advil Film-Coated tablets work great for me. They are fast acting so I love using it for muscle aches and headaches.


Once the wheels and steering wheel are cut out, go ahead and paint them. I used a white base with black along the edges to resemble wheels. My kids were a little more creative and chose wheels of multiple colors. There really is no wrong way to paint the cars; and remember when working with kids that it doesn’t have to be perfect, it is all about enjoying the time with them!


Step 4) Using a utility knife, or the sharp point of your scissors, cut into the top of your tube. You want to cut out a flap that can be folded back to make a ‘seat’ for your car. This step is probably best left to the adults.


Step 5) Punch holes in the middle of your wheels. Line up where you want your wheels to go, then mark with a marker so you can punch a hole in the tube.



Punch out the four holes for the wheels and fasten each wheel to the tube with a paper fastener. Insert your steering wheel into the opening on the top, fold the seat back and adhere with a glue dot if desired (I didn’t use glue and it worked just fine, but a glue dot will make it look more finished).

Step 6) At this point, you can decorate your car any way you wish. Add some fun stickers, paint some racing stripes, add a number. Anything goes!


Grab a driver to place in the car. Either make your own out of paper or use a figurine you already have, then have some fun zooming around the house with your kids as you catch the latest race on Race Day!


Upcoming Races

While you are preparing your toilet paper roll cars for your own races at home, don’t forget about the upcoming Ford Ecoboost 400 in Miami on November 20th!

You can pick up all of the supplies you need for this fun race car crafts for kids, including the Advil for some quick Race Day Relief, by shopping at Walmart.
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