hot to get kids to get along brother sister

Getting along isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to siblings. But you already know that, Mom. When you’re at your wits end, there doesn’t seem like there is much you can do to make everyone in the house get along. Thinking about how to get kids to get along can be daunting. 

From he-said-she-said fights to tattletaling, the list can go on and on. But, it is possible to have a house full of cooperative kids. Here’s are some possible ways on how to get kids to get along:

Easy Ways on How To Get Kids To Get Along

Sharing a Room

When your kids are small they might not care much about a shared bedroom. But as they get older, you might get an eye roll or two when you put two siblings together in one room. Sharing a room requires both kids to take care of things, from chores to picking up the room to making the bed. When two are sharing a room it becomes a team effort. If your kids share a room, consider a bunk bed so you can save space and leave more room for games and activities.

Working It Out

You can’t always be their referee. Instead of intervening every time your kids start to fight, have them work it out on their own. Allowing them to do it on their own teaches them how to resolve arguments and gives them the chance to express differences in their opinions, too.

But it’s not going to happen overnight — not without a little help. One way you can help is by talking to them both about stopping a conflict before it begins. Help each of your children identify situations when it’s time to stop and reassess. If your children use this technique and the fighting stops, make sure to recognize the positive behavior.

Giving out Tattle Tickets

If you have tattlers at home and you want them to be aware of just how much they are tattling on each other, start using tattle tickets. Give your kids tickets at the beginning of the week (the number amount is up to you, depending on the tattling) and every time one of your kids tattles on the other, take a ticket away. If there are any tickets left at the end of the week, reward the child with tickets left. This teaches your kids that they should work it out on their own without mom or dad’s help.

Talk to your kids about tattling and encourage them to only report to you when necessary. For example, they should still come to you in an emergency situation or if something is dangerous, not when a sister has their toy.

Modeling Behavior

Want to know the best way on how to get kids to get along? Children are great imitators. If your children are fighting a lot, take a moment to consider your own behavior. How do you handle yourself when it comes to discipline? Do you yell? Do you get angry? If your child sees you acting out, they are likely to imitate that same type of behavior. Make sure to set a positive example for your children when it comes to getting along with others.