If you ever travel abroad, you’ll notice that many families dress exceptionally well (especially if you go to the Mediterranean). It’s a prideful or boastful thing. It’s just an appreciation for what looks good. After all, if you have the resources to dress in the finest attire, why not do it? 

If you want to encourage your family to be more fashionable, check out our ideas below. If you aren’t interested in this type of thing, or your kids have their own style, that’s perfectly fine too!

Get A Family Portrait Done

One of the best ways to introduce your family to the idea of dressing well is to get a family portrait done. These are opportunities for everyone to put on their best clothes for a reason.

What you’ll find is that certain members of the family will actually enjoy the experience. Instead of wearing their t-shirts and jeans all the time, they see that wearing other types of clothes actually enhances how they feel. Plus, once you get the photo taken, you have something that you can treasure for a lifetime – always a bonus!

Get Dad Wearing The Best Clothes

Children will naturally mimic what their parents do. So if dad is slobbing around in dirty, loose clothing all day long, kids will follow suit.

The trick here is to put on a united front as parents. If you and your partner dress well, it’ll become normal for your children, and they will naturally follow your lead. Get dad looking smart by wearing a suit, chinos, and flashy shoes with accessories from WatchBox’s Submariner collection. He should look the part. 

Make It Fun

Fashion isn’t a serious business. Ultimately, it’s just about having fun. Fashionable families don’t try to force fashion on their kids to look good to other people. Instead, it’s more about a celebration of the clothes themselves and the aesthetics they make possible. 

You can approach becoming more fashionable as a kind of project if you want. You could even take before and after photos showing the effects of the makeover process. Then it’ll become clear just what a massive difference it makes. 

Get Kids To Brainstorm Their Style

Fashionable families tend to have a cohesive sense of style, with each person complimenting everyone else. So a good idea here is to create a mood board. Here you get your family to sit down with many clothing magazines and then just cut out images that they like and stick them on a big board. Then, when you pull everything together, you get a sense of the type of clothes that they would like to aspirationally wear daily.. 

Plan Your Wardrobes

Lastly, you’ll want to plan your wardrobes so that everything fits with everything else. For example, many families create so-called “capsule wardrobes,” which reduces the likelihood of mismatched outfits. It also makes it easier to figure out what to wear in the morning – great on busy school day mornings

While these tips for raising a fashionable family can be implemented by anyone, this type of lifestyle won’t be for everyone. Everyone in the family will have their own personality, and some may like dressing differently than the rest of the family. That is perfectly okay too!

Photo by In Lieu & In View Photography Tamara Bellis and Sarah Brown on Unsplash.