I signed my daughter up for the free trial of Reading Eggs not really knowing what to expect. She is four, and just learning how letters make sounds and how they can come together to make words.

When I first opened the program for her we sat and did one lesson together so we could both get the hang of it and understand how to use the program. It is very user friendly, and after doing one lesson together, she immediately was able to work through the lessons on her own. If your child has no computer experience you may need to guide him/her where to click and/or what to do, but it is fairly self explanatory.

You have the option of going to the playroom and playing a number of games, listening to books, doing artwork, and more; or you can head over to the lessons and start really delving into the learning process.

reading eggs classroom


reading eggs map


Reading Eggs Lessons

The lessons start out with an Ant as your tour guide. He talks for a bit about what you are going to be doing, then guides you through each lesson.

reading eggs tour guide

I have found that the lessons are appropriate for my daughter’s age (there is a pre-test that your child can take if they have some reading skill, but since she is just starting out we skipped the pre-test), and she is easily able to understand what is being asked in each lesson. The only thing I found rather annoying is that it is very repetitive and you have to complete the same task multiple times before it moves on. Perhaps this is good for the kids and the learning process, but it can get boring and I think even my daughter is ready to move on by the time we are half way through a particular set of questions.

Reading Eggs Playroom

One of the favorite things for my daughter is visiting the playroom. There are so many activities in there it is hard to talk about them all, but two of her favorites are the paint easel and the bookshelf.

reading eggs paint easel

When you click on the paint easel it takes you to a screen where you can choose to draw freehand, or color in some pre-drawn pictures. You can also use stamping tools.

reading eggs bookshelf

In the bookshelf, you can click on a book and have it read to you. My daughter found all of the stories fun and interesting, and they are short enough that she doesn’t get bored with them.

Thoughts on Reading Eggs

Overall I think this is an amazing program. I have tried other reading programs for my six year old son, but so far this program has been my favorite. It has tons of options to keep kids interested, the learning process feels more like a game than just drilling lessons, and my daughter asks to play it a lot. You know it is good when the kids want to do it!

The only suggestion I have would be to find a way to make the lessons shorter in terms of how repetitive they are, or break up the repetitiveness by adding in another activity in between. The other thing I’m not quite sure on and would have to contact Reading Eggs to get clarification on, is that I think you can only sign up one child per account. I tried to sign up both my kids with the free trial, but I was only able to do it for my daughter. Otherwise, a great program and one I recommend to anyone!

If you would like to sign up for a free trial of the Reading Eggs program click here and get started today!  Reading Eggs


So tell us…

Have you ever tried a learning to read program? What options do you use to help your children succeed?



The Mommy Bunch received an extended trial of the program to facilitate this post, all opinions are our own.