There is no denying I love my morning cup of ‘joe’. I’ve never been a huge morning person, but with two kids heading off to school each morning and two more insisting I get up and feed them, my morning coffee has been a routine that I look forward to each day.

recyclable coffee pods - single serve coffee

One cup of coffee is usually all I need to get me going, any more than that tends to go to waste as I get busier and busier as the day goes on. The only problem with making one cup of coffee instead of a whole pot is that I don’t like to use the traditional k-cups for single-serve brewers. I just can’t get over wasteful they are! 

The problem with most single serve coffee pods is that they just get thrown in the trash. 

My husband and I have always tried to live as sustainably as possible. Our weekly recycling output is about 6x as much as what we throw in the trash (looking at our curbside pickup each week is kind of amazing), we use sustainably sourced products whenever possible, and my husband even works for an organic dairy company. We really just feel like taking care of the environment is something that is kind of important and throwing coffee pods in the trash really bothers me.

Stepping Up To The Plate

Until recently, I haven’t been very vocal about how important it is to take care of our environment. We just did our thing and didn’t worry about what was going on elsewhere.

That changed in a recent article I wrote, When You Take Safety For Granted This Can Happen, where I talk about how lawmakers are pushing to de-regulate some of the safety precautions in place for many of the products on the market, and it just got worried. Very worried. I also got vocal (see my Facebook live video on the topic here).

It also got me thinking about some of the other products I’m using on a daily basis. Am I doing enough to ensure the future of our world is going to be a good one for my kids? Is the environment one we are going to want to live in?

Recyclable Coffee Pods

According to Intelligent Blends, 20% of households have a single serve machine in their home, and that number is predicted to grow double digits. I can understand why, I usually have a cup or two throughout the day, but find it hard to down a whole pot all by myself so a single serve machine just makes more sense for me.

The problem with most single serve coffee pods is that they just get thrown in the trash. This adds to an already huge amount of waste that we discard in one way or another each year. With the Intelligent Blends recyclable coffee pods (kups), you don’t have to worry about that!

Change Is Tough

While it can be tough to make big sweeping changes, I’ve found this one change was really easy to make and wish I would have done a whole lot sooner!

Switching to a company that not only sources organic and fair-trade coffee, micro-batch roasts it, but also skips all the middlemen and ships directly to you was an easy choice. But not only that, their coffee tastes good and they offer recyclable coffee pods for their single serve coffees!

I’m really enjoying the Maud’s Sister Hazel(Nut) variety, and since I work at home I have my little coffee station set up right outside my home office. It’s perfect for me so I don’t have to run up to the kitchen every time I want a cup (the recyclable coffee pods work in most single serve brewers so no need to buy a new one)! 

Intelligent Blends is staying on the cutting-edge by actively working with companies all over the world to research and develop innovative single-serve packaging products that will continue to positively impact the environment. 

I feel really good about getting my morning cup of coffee AND knowing that my coffee pod isn’t adding to the landfill.

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To recycle the pods you remove the inner liner with the coffee grounds (you can compost these if you are set up for it).

Then just toss the cup in the recycling bin and enjoy your great tasting coffee.

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