Do you use hand sanitizer? Personally, I have not in the past.

I do not like the drying effect hand sanitizer has on my hands, and I don’t like that by using it we may be teaching our kids not to wash their hands. I feel that we should be promoting good washing habits for our children, which really should just be regular soap and water.

I do realize there are times when soap and water are just not available; and with kids just being kids, they will probably get into things that may require some type of washing. Hand sanitizer can be a good choice, if it is safe.

Recently, I was made aware of a new product on the market that is a hand sanitizer without any alcohol. This is great, because I try to avoid any lotions, soaps, and sanitizers that have alcohol in them. They are very drying to my skin, and they can potentially be unsafe for children to use if ingested.

SafeSquirts is an alcohol free, non-toxic, non-flammable, triclosan-free, skin-nourishing alternative to your typical hand sanitizer. I had the chance to try out a few bottles, as well as give a set of samples to the teachers at my son’s school. So far I am liking what I see!

The hand sanitizer comes out in a foam instead of a gel, this makes it really easy for my kids to pump and rub into their hands.

We put a set of these in our bathroom next to the sink, and my kids always ask to use the safeSquirts when they just need a quick “wash.” I think they really like how easy it is to use, and the colorful bottles. My son and daughter both claimed a color of their own right off the bat!

Of course I still make sure to tell them that they do need to be washing their hands, but I did want to give them a chance to try this out. Currently we just carry it around when we go places so we have something handy in case a “hand-washing” need arises. 

We also gave a set of the samples to the teachers at my son’s school.

All of the teachers were very happy to get them, and quite eager to try them out. After trying them for a bit, I asked what they thought of them and a couple of the teachers had this to say:

Q: What did you think of the safeHands line you tried out?

A: 1. It was a little sticky when I first put it on, but it dried completely and not sticky.  2. It had a great scent and the hand sanitizer covered my hands with just two pumps.

Q: Would you use the safeHands line again, or would you recommend it to parents?

A: 1. Yes and Yes  2. Sure

Q: Any other thoughts?

A: 1. Love the easy bottles!  2. Everyone enjoyed the scents and the colors. The kids enjoyed the foam and it was fun watching them rub to make it disappear!

Overall everyone has loved them so far! Kids, teachers, and even I have really enjoyed using the safeHands line of hand sanitizers; and would be glad to recommend this to anyone who wants to have that little “hand-washing” safety net with them at all times!


safeHands® began as a dream until founder, Dr. Jay, gathered a team of experts to develop an alternative to mainstream alcohol-based hand sanitizers.  Dr. Jay’s goal was to ensure that the product not only killed over 99.99% of germs – but that the foam helped soothe, nourish and preserve the natural oils in skin. It dawned on Dr. Jay, as he successfully tested the product with his friends and family, that it was time to start a mission and SAFE the Planet one hand at a time, with a goal of educating people all over the world to the many benefits of Alcohol Free hand sanitizers.

You can learn more about the safeHands, safeSquirts, and safeTronics products by visiting 

Don’t forget…these are just the right size for stocking stuffers!


Written by Jesica H.

Disclosure: The Mommy Bunch was provided a free set of products to facilitate this review. All opinions are our own of anyone mentioned in this post. No compensation was provided in relation to this post.