My husband is a back-up hard drive freak. I guess when you have had your computer crash several times, you really want to make sure you don’t lose any of your data or personal photos that you may have stored.

We have come really close to losing all of our stuff a number of times, and have even had to completely reformat the computer on more than one occasion.

I’m really glad that he has an external hard drive that he saves all of our stuff to. I even convinced my mom she needed to get one before her computer died and she lost everything; because let’s face it….eventually all computers bite the dust!

We have actually backed up so much stuff that it was time to look at getting another external hard drive. Seagate offered to send me one of their new portable drives, Backup Plus. Of course I jumped at the chance to try this out because I really needed to have something at work as well as at home, and this would be perfect since it is portable.

 At first I just figured it would be like any other external hard drive, but I was really surprised at how much more this one offered, and how easy it was to use!

When it arrived, it came with everything we needed. The portable hard drive, as well as any cables we would need to plug it into the computer with.

The first time running it takes a little longer than usual because it has to go through all of the stuff you have on your computer, but after that first time backing up was a breeze! You can set it to back up whenever you want by creating a schedule, or just have it do it only when you plug it in.

Mommy Bunch ApprovedBackup Plus delivers easy setup with one-click backup and the ability to save and share content on Facebook and Flickr – making it the world’s first external hard drive to provide backup for content on social networks.

It’s the perfect solution for moms who want to back up the family’s vacation photos on Facebook, teenagers who want to consolidate their movie collection by loading hundreds of DVDs onto one device and dads who want to make sure everyone’s important documents are secure. It would make a truly thoughtful and appreciated gift for the holidays!

In addition to the great features on the portable hard drive itself, you also get one year of cloud storage free with purchase! How amazing is that?!!

I have actually found this portable hard drive to be a life saver already! My computer at work is on it’s last leg, and although I will be getting a new one soon, I don’t want to risk losing any of my important documents! The Seagate Backup Plus has come in so handy already!

You can find more info about Backup Plus here, as well as buy it online: Backup Plus


Disclosure: The Mommy Bunch was provided a free product to facilitate this review, however, all opinions are strictly our own.