It may come as no surprise that many new moms feel they have no time for themselves. With a little person being totally reliant on them, moms are feeding, changing diapers, and responding to every little whimper.

While being a parent is a wonderful feeling, many first-time moms can often feel the strain and stress of having to constantly care for someone, oftentimes coupled with lack of sleep.

While it isn’t anything you can typically control, having a new baby comes with stressors that can lead to postpartum depression, baby blues (read my experience with this here), or just exhaustion and burnout.

Most moms will suffer some days where they feel low, and that is totally normal, but with some self-care, you can reduce the risk of burnout and enjoy your new baby even more.

Grab Some Sleep

Some people advocate sleeping every time the baby does, at least for the first few weeks when you may be figuring out a new sleep routine throughout the night. That is fine, but it does not suit everyone, as some new moms like to get some jobs done while the baby is asleep.

If this is you, when they have their last feed at night, go straight to bed afterward. Do the same again after a feed in the middle of the night. It does not matter if you sleep later in the morning; the important thing is to get all the sleep you need so that you are more relaxed and better equiped to deal with stressors that pop up throughout the day.

A lack of sleep can make anyone moody and emotional, but when your hormones are upside down because you have just given birth it is even more crucial to get adequate sleep.

Meet With Other New Moms

Some moms feel isolated in their parenting journey after having their first child. Joining a group of moms who are going through the same things you are will show you that all new moms experience similar problems, and that can help you to feel that you are not doing so bad at all.

It can also be a stress reliever to talk about your birth experience and to hear their experiences. For anyone that had to have a c-section, for instance, they will be able to give you some inside knowledge on c section recovery, which could be useful if you have had to deliver your baby in this way. The more you talk, the better you’ll feel.

If you have trouble figuring out where to look, start with some local Facebook groups. You can search for mom groups in your area, or even ask at your hospital. They often have resources that can point you in the right direction.

Treat Yourself

It’s understandable that, as a new mom, you may be focused on the needs of your little one. But remember to take care of yourself too! If someone gives you a gift for the baby but not for yourself, it’s ok to go out and buy something special just for you. It doesn’t need to break the bank – think small gifts like a scented candle, a face mask, cute jewelry, or even just some chocolates.

Don’t feel guilty about treating yourself—you deserve it after all those sleepless nights! After all, happy moms make happy babies. So why not treat yourself at wholesale diamonds dallas and find something that will make you feel beautiful again?

You are a new mom and should be very proud of what you have achieved. You deserve a treat after what you have been through for the last nine months and a new hairdo, getting your nails done, or even a dinner out is well deserved.

Moms deserve breaks too so don’t forget to take one!

Venture Outside

No one would suggest that you go out in the first few days after the birth, and possibly not for the first few weeks. But as soon as you feel up to it and the weather permits, take a walk with your new baby, or take a trip to the shops or visit some friends and family.

Getting out of the house can help to fight off any baby blues or cabin fever, and interacting with other people is a great way to boost your spirits.

Buy A New Outfit

It is not worth going out and buying a whole new wardrobe of clothes, but you will want to have something that you feel good in. Your figure takes a while to get back to normal and you do not usually want to carry on wearing maternity clothes after the baby has been born.

Even one good fitting outfit that you can wear until your tummy starts to reduce can make you feel a whole lot better about yourself, and more willing to go out and mix with other people while bringing your confidence and self esteem up at the same time.


Speak with your physician or midwife first, but as soon as they give you the go-ahead, start to do some exercise.

It does not need to be anything strenuous. You could take up yoga, go for a walk, or even go to mommy and baby swimming classes. Find something that will be fun for you and get you moving a little.

Exercise is good for more reasons than one. It will not only help to get your body to get back to normal, but exercise has also been known to stimulate happiness.

Establish A Routine

Establishing a routine can be very important for you and your new baby. You will find that when you have an established routine, both you and your baby will know what to expect and it can make your days run much more smoothly.