I love finding a good bargain when it comes to kids’ clothes, especially since my kids spend a lot of time visiting their grandfather on his farm and they tend to get quite dirty.

Although it is fun for the kids to play around and come home full of mud and grime, I can’t imagine sending them to visit while wearing expensive new clothes that are just going to come home a mess. When I heard about swap.com kids’ consignment store I knew it was exactly what I needed to find quality clothes that I wouldn’t mind if the kids wore to the farm.

Buying baby and kids’ items at Swap.com

I was sent a gift card to try out swap.com services and I was quite pleased with what I was able to buy, and also in the quality of those purchases.

How to buy:

The buying process is quite simple. You browse around for what you like just like any other site, add items to your cart, then checkout. There are separate categories for toys, baby gear, clothing, books, and more — and the selection is quite large. It is really easy to locate what you are looking for with the search tool, and if they don’t have that exact item other suggestions will come up.

One of the perks of shopping here is that you can actually checkout with credit card, PayPal, or amazon. This is one of the only places I have seen where you can use your amazon account to pay for purchases!

Receiving my items:

Everything arrived separately packaged and carefully folded. In addition, a postage paid return shipping bag was included for you to send in your own items to sell. I haven’t done this yet but I plan to as soon as I go through all of the kids’ old clothes – we have a lot!

swap.com products

After opening all of the packages I could see that everything was really high quality. I ordered everything pictured here plus one shirt that my son immediately took off with and wanted to wear.

swap.com outfits

I ended up with two baby outfits and a reversible hat, two pair of name brand shorts for my son, and two shirts. There were no stains, holes, or anything off about any of the outfits and I was extremely pleased with the selections.

In fact, the ‘Off to Grandma’s’ romper has become one of our favorites and baby girl wears it quite a bit.

swap.com outfit

Selling baby and kids’ items at Swap.com


Although I haven’t listed anything for sale yet, I do plan to go through our things and start to de-clutter, which means getting rid of a lot of stuff. Instead of just giving it away, a few items would be great to list on this site so I can earn a few extra dollars.

If you are interested in selling your items you can find more information here: sell at swap.com



So tell us…

Do you have extra items lying around that you could list for sale? Are you looking for an easier way to buy discount used clothing, toys, and more – have you considered swap.com?



This article was published for Swap.com Kids’ Consignment. All opinions expressed are solely my own.