Taking a family vacation every year is important. Busy families can reconnect during the annual vacation. It gives something for you something and your family to look forward to. Could a timeshare be the solution you need to ensure that you and your family can take a vacation every year? Should you be considering a timeshare for yourself and your family?

What is a Timeshare?

A timeshare is a scheme where you become an owner of a vacation resort or several different resort locations. Basically, you pay a monthly fee to secure accommodation at a vacation resort. There are two types of timeshare options. The first option is that you buy into a specific resort and use that resort every year. The other option is buying into a “club membership” where you can choose which resort you visit each year.

There is typically a “points system” in place where you earn points and then trade them to cover your stay. There are different schemes within timeshare opportunities that can suit a wide range of needs. Typically, people will wind up buying a timeshare after they have taken a tour that includes getting something in exchange for taking the tour.

For example, you are on vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC and you are invited to take a tour of a timeshare, and in return, you are given complimentary tickets to a theater show or some other event in the area. One of the best ways to learn more about a timeshare is to take a tour. It is a no-obligation event and you can walk away with some free tickets.

The Benefits of Timeshares For Your Family

About 42% of second-home buyers plan on using the property as a family retreat or as a vacation property. However, buying an entire second property and managing the upkeep and costs is often cost-prohibitive for a family. Timeshares are a great option for having access to a vacation property without having the cost of the upkeep of a vacation property.

Timeshares can be a very affordable way to ensure that you and your family can take a vacation every year as some of the top resorts in the world. Typically, timeshare resorts are located in tourist hotspots near Disney theme parks, Lake Tahoe, Myrtle Beach, and other tourist areas. You can realize significant savings by not having to worry about paying for lodging when you travel because it is already paid for.

What happens if you cannot take your yearly or semi-annual vacation at the timeshare resort? In some cases, the “points” will roll over to the following year, giving you more opportunities for resort options. Of course, you can also rent out or sell your week/s. About 84% of resorts offer a rental program to make it easier to rent out your space for the week.

Great Vacations Chockful Of Amenities

Many of the timeshare resorts offer full amenities like full-size kitchens that are fully stocked, pools, spas, hot tubs, continental breakfast, housekeeping, convenient locations with easy access to attractions, and much more. Villas and full-size apartments are usually available with a timeshare. These accommodations are typically fully outfitted with amenities like washers and dryers, dishwashers, full-size refrigerators, flat-screen televisions, and much more.

For many timeshare owners, their timeshare is a home away from home where they can cook for their families to save on costs while enjoying all the resort amenities. You can travel lighter and with less stress. Instead of worrying about storage for your second home during the off-season (about 52% of storage facilities are in the suburbs, 16% are rural and about 32% are in a city) with a timeshare, you can just pack the clothes you will need and have everything else like plates, cups, flatware, sheets, and more ready when you get there.

A timeshare may be the ideal option for your family to make family vacations more affordable, more fun, and more relaxing. Learn more about all the available options and how you can make a timeshare work with your budget.