Okay, so I’m pretty sure that when you are thinking about design choices for your space the first thing that you start thinking about is furniture and probably wall/window coverings. But let’s get real…it IS the little touches that make a big difference in the end. So when I was shopping in Sam’s Club the other day and saw the cutest little Kleenex Perfect Fit canisters — yeah, I knew they would be the perfect thing for spring decorating! Check out my additional decorating tips below.

Tips for a Stylishly Comfortable Home

Here are some additional tips for a stylishly comfortable home that anyone can use:

  • Use what you have. If you have a collection of silver trays, plates with a fun design, or anything that is appealing to the eye — hang it up!

    Image Credit: Real Simple

  • Can’t find a window covering you love? Wallpaper your vinyl shades to get the look you want!

Image Credit: housebeautiful

  • Bring in flowers. You can perk up any room with some fresh flowers set in a vibrant vase.
  • Use stylish necessities. The Kleenex Perfect Fit canisters are a prime example of how function and style can meet. These canisters fit any decor style and look great on an end table.

Kleenex Perfect Fit

  • Use modular units to create a look you love. Stacking cubes not only creates extra storage space, but is also a stylish way to show off your accessories.

Image Credit: Real Simple


So tell us…

What simple decorating tips do you have?