You know when you’ve made a good meal? When you sit down and eat the entire thing by yourself before anyone else gets home to know you’ve made said meal.

Yep – that’s what happened when I made these ribs, and then of course had to make something else for my family (don’t tell them they didn’t get the ribs!).

hormel ribs

I’m not kidding. These were so juicy, and so flavorful I just couldn’t stop eating them! I’m actually getting hungry for them again just talking about it. 🙂 If you love ribs but are pressed for time, I highly suggest you check out these Lloyd’s Seasoned & Smoked St. Louis Style Spareribs.

The best part about these (other than the great taste) is that they are EASY! You can make them in the oven or on the grill, but for ease of cleanup I chose the oven. You simply wrap in foil and bake. In about 25-35 minutes you have juicy, delectable ribs ready to enjoy!

Bon appetit!

hormel lloyds ribs


So tell us…

Have you ever made anything and then proceed to eat it all before anyone else got any? 🙂