Want to know what I do when days are long, everyone is super busy, and dinner seems like a insurmountable task? I grab a ready-to-go Simple Idea from Hormel. The Beef Roast Au Jus is a favorite of everyone in my house, and personally, I find it super delicious! I also love that there are no preservatives – a win/win!

hormel beef

All I need to do is warm up the beef and serve on buns or bread for a quick sandwich. I add some fruits and veggies on the side and a quick meal is on the table in no time! My son was a huge fan and couldn’t wait to dig in. (We have more veggies/fruits than pictured below but the kids couldn’t wait any longer and started eating them!)

hormel roast beef

It may seem like an overly simple meal, because it is really simple, but the taste is amazing and the kids love it! Plus the fact that I don’t really have to cook anything when I’m already short on time is a huge plus. I love keeping a few of these Simple Ideas in my fridge for just such occasions.


So tell us…

Do you have a pantry or fridge staple that you always keep on hand for those busy nights?