January is a great time to make some healthy changes to your life. After the excesses of the winter holidays, our bodies are crying out for some TLC, and probably a way to detox.

Some unhealthy habits are harder to beat than others, but there are some positive changes you can make today that will make a difference tomorrow, and let’s face it, who doesn’t like an instant result?


Detox Your 2013

Get some sleep. Late nights will eventually take their toll on your body. Sleep deprivation will affect your concentration, willpower and irritability. When we are tired and irritable, we crave high calorie comfort foods which will release chemicals to help us to feel sleepy. Our skin, nails and hair suffer, becoming dull and lack luster and any weight loss efforts you may be making will be scuppered because our bodies flip the metabolic switch to burn fat at a specific point in our deep sleep.  Research shows that sleep deprived people will hold on to their fat tissue as opposed to their well rested counterparts who will burn fat and retain lean muscle. 

Drink water. An easy one, you can do it…..Right now!Drinking a healthy amount of water is vital to your health. You would never imagine the benefits you can gain just by drinking a healthy amount of water.  Dehydration is a tricky one to spot. Unlike the sensation of hunger, which we find hard to ignore, dehydration hits us slowly and has already done its damage by the time we feel the thirst desire. From a physical point of view, an increase in water intake will result in clearer, healthier skin. Dehydration shows very clearly in skin making it sallow and dull skin with dark shadows.  Drinking enough water will also help to reduce headaches, aid digestion and boost your metabolic rate.

Stop smoking. Okay, not as easy…But all is not lost. The addiction is actually to the nicotine. The nasty carcinogenic chemicals causing all the problems come from the burning of tobacco. For an easy, pain free way to give up this nasty tobacco, check out electronic cigarettes, which imitate the sensation of smoking and provide the nicotine hit without the nasty tar side effects. 

Go outside.  The positive benefits of spending time in the great outdoors have been known since time began. Many illnesses that are increasing in our modern lives such as obesity, depression and poor concentration levels are attributed to spending too long under false lighting in enclosed spaces. Extensive research has linked positive mental health, creativity and better concentration span with spending time outdoors in nature.

Daydream.  How often were you told off for daydreaming in class? Well, that teacher may have been messing with your brain’s processing time! Daydreaming has been shown by psychologists and neuroscientists to be a great way to allow the brain to process complex thoughts and problems and therefore reduce stress and boost productivity. Try telling that one to your boss next time you’re caught gazing out of the window!