Cupcakes are one of my favorite things to make. Not only because they are bite sized pieces of cake ready to go, but also because there are so many possibilities when it comes to flavors and decorating. Recently, I was asked to create a cupcake using Flipz pretzels. I was definitely up for the challenge, as I love covered pretzels, and adding them to a cupcake was super fun, and super delicious!

skeleton cupcakes

The first task, making the cupcakes was as simple as finding the perfect cake mix flavor (I bake from scratch when I can, but when I’m pressed for time I’m not above using a boxed cake mix). 🙂 For these, a chocolate fudge cupcake seemed like just the thing to let the skeletons stand out!

After your cupcakes have baked and cooled, frost them with a frosting of your choice. I again used chocolate and piped on frosting in a swirl. 

Assemble the skeletons

To assemble the skeletons you will need:

  • A popsicle/candy stick (I used some cake ball sticks I had laying around)
  • Flipz covered white fudge covered pretzels
  • A food safe pen

First, insert your stick into the cupcake, then start layering pretzels onto the stick. Use a half pretzel in between each full pretzel to give a more layered look.

TIP: I tried cutting with both a knife and a scissors, and the firm, direct pressure from the knife made a better cut while the scissors just broke the pretzels.

skeleton cupcakes close

Once you have your pretzels to the desired height (3 works well), cut two pretzels in half and use the rounded tops as arms. Grab a marshmallow and draw on a face with a food safe pen, then insert on top to complete the look. 

These skeleton cupcakes are not only awesome to look at (they are perfect for a party or just fun to make with the kids), they are super delicious to eat!

pretzel skeleton cupcakes


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What is your favorite Halloween treat? Have you ever made a themed cupcake?




Thanks to Flipz and Smiley360 for providing me with these great treats and inspiration for this post. All opinions are my own.