What is Skwooshi?

Skwooshi is the new toy dough that lets parents sit back and relax while kids create and play on their own. The mess-free, odor-free, creative dough allows children to let their imaginations run wild as they mold and play with Skwooshi. Skwooshi comes in 10 fun colors and individual packs as well as larger sets for maximum creativity!

My thoughts on Skwooshi

These types of ‘toys’ don’t often see the light of day in my home. You see, I have a huge aversion to any type of messy clay/ dough type activity. So it was with great trepidation, yet hopeful anticipation that I pulled these out to try. I prepared myself for the possibility that a huge mess would ensue, with junk stuck to the table and the floors, and with the idea that I would probably be finding smeared and dried goo for days.

But that wasn’t what happened at all. It certainly has the potential to be messy and get all of the place just like other “dough” type activities, but the differences are:

  • It isn’t sticky or gooey, thereby getting fatally stuck in hair, carpet, etc. In fact, it is strange thing to describe — kind of like sand and kind of like a solid. It can be pulled apart, upon which it breaks apart kind of like sand, but then with pressure it clumps together like a regular dough.
  • It doesn’t dry out. It stays the same consistency so if you drop in on the floor and it sits there a while it doesn’t get hard and stuck and smeared.

In addition, once you compact it together you can shape it into whatever you want. The little toys that come with the set are a nice addition, and the kids enjoyed making cars and cutting out shapes.

Things that it doesn’t do well:

  • Pressing flat or rolling causes it to split apart, not easy to use if you want to make cut-out shapes.
  • Pulling it apart too far causes it to go into that sand like form, which isn’t great if you wanted to make something really long.
  • Mixing colors means that you won’t get your original color back. My daughter started out with red and blue, and of course once mixed all she had left was purple.

Overall, this product is pretty good. You will still have to do some clean up afterwards, but it is very reasonable with a quick wipe down and vacuum and I can definitely see myself letting the kids play with this quite a bit more than any of the other ‘dough’ products we have had in the home.



The Mommy Bunch was provided with product for review purposes, all opinions are our own.