As people age, they tend to have a harder time falling asleep. With increased aches and pains and specific side effects from medication that can lead to insomnia and sleep deprivation, a quality bedroom set up and sleep routine becomes essential to obtain a quality night’s sleep.

Deep and rejuvenating sleep is an essential aspect of a healthy life. Sleep promotes rest and recovery as well as contributing to memory, weight, and cardiovascular improvement. As people age, conditions such as sleep apnea, snoring, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, among many other sleep disorders can develop and get in the way of better sleep. 

With some focus on your sleep routine, the right type of bedding, and the best mattress, falling asleep faster and for longer can become a new reality. 

If you are struggling to sleep, the best first step is to see a doctor ensure there is no medical reason to be addressed. After you do that, start the process of creating a sleep routine that helps your body prepare for rest. Also, ensure your bedding is supporting your sleep, and invest in the most comfortable mattress that will support your body, especially as aging muscles require additional support. 

Sleeping On The Best Mattress As You Age

As we age, significant changes inevitably occur in the body, making it hard to achieve pain-free sleep. Some older adults find completing the recommended 7 – 8 hours of sleep close to impossible. Aches and pains in the body can create restlessness and annoyance. 

When tossing and turning is a problem, it might be the right time to review mattress quality and upgrade to a more supportive sleeping surface.

The best mattress for restorative sleep is a memory foam mattress, and it is a popular choice for aging bodies. Memory foam was initially invented by NASA in the 1970s and was quickly adapted for use in hospital beds. 

The original purpose for the invention of memory foam was to provide ongoing support to keep up with the changing environmental and physical changes for astronauts. 

Better Sleep With Adaptive Memory Foam

Memory foam is an excellent option for any age sleepers because it has a reflexive nature, contouring to the muscles and joints of the body rather than creating bounce in the bed. Traditional spring and latex mattresses do not feature the same level of targeted support. 

Memory foam absorbs weight pressure with movement and isolates motion. Motion isolation keeps the bed still, even if a partner is moving. When all these features combined, better sleep becomes a possibility. 

Most mattresses need to be upgraded at least every eight years. Over time, mattresses can accumulate dust particles, dead skin, dust mites, and other allergens that can get in the way of healthy sleep. 

When your body is aging, it is critical to ensure the surface you are sleeping on is supporting your body, rather than doing it harm. Try a new mattress and see if the quality of your sleep improves.

Best Bedding To Sleep Better 

As well as the most comfortable mattress, the quality of your bedding also counts. To fall asleep faster, try a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets are a great sleep solution for people who suffer from sleep anxiety, sleep apnea, and aches and pains. 

The gentle pressure stimulation of a weighted blanket allows the body to feel calm, thus inducing sleep faster. Weighted blankets were previously used for children who struggle to fall asleep. But now, these wonder blankets are a popular choice for sleepers of all ages. 

Weighted blankets are stitched with small pellets of weight inside. This creates an even distribution of light pressure, which caresses muscles and joints, mimicking the feeling of a hug. 

If you want the best, keep an eye out for a cooling weighted blanket. Regulating body temperature is a helpful way to get deeper sleep as aging bodies experience high levels of temperature fluctuations. Cooling blankets assist with keeping the body cool and comfortable for the best sleep possible. 

When you’re aging, some tender love and care is required to help put you in good stead for quality sleep. Invest in the best mattress possible that will allow your body to rest and try a weighted blanket is falling asleep is problematic.